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In a new multimedia project, learn how to travel through Latvia with 20 euros in your pocket


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On July 28, Latvian Radio 5 –, developing multimedia content, offers a new social networking network "With 20 Euros in Your Pocket". During a 15-minute video episode, the project's creators will be advised to travel through Latvia with a modest budget of just 20 euros, and challenge young people to visit the most beautiful Latvian cities to get new impressions and emotions. All five episodes of the show in August will be displayed at YouTube channel:

"It is often ours that traveling is a very expensive pleasure. However, you can also travel here in Latvia. How many of us really learned Latvian cities so bitter? Through this project we want to show young people who travel in Latvia do not require much money, just a time and a real desire to explore our country. Andi is exciting and difficult, so I encourage young people in a trip to adventure and a budget in Latvia to get new impressions and emotions, "says project program and performer and Monika Martins.

Within the framework of the project, the creators of the program, with a pocket of 20 euros and a small additional travel cost, go somewhat venturing and traveling around five Latvian cities – Ogro, Rezekne, Cesis, Jelgava and Liepaja. Each city will look at acceptable activities and entertainment, as well as expert advice and advice on how to plan your finances and travel time wisely.

Information on the new episodes will be available on the social network, and also weekly in the Five in the Wheel section, and full episodes will be on the YouTube pie. Channel.

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