Monday , June 5 2023

In Germany, car dealerships will sell Chinese electric cars instead of Lada & # 39;


Importer of Russian brand "Lada" in Germany "Lada Automobile GmbH" found new partners – already in July sales of Chinese electric cars "ZhiDou D2S" in Lada convenience stores in Germany, and Chinese "Joylong E5" will arrive in Germany in autumn. .

The "Lada" brand has left the European market due to increasingly stringent environmental standards, which Russian production vehicles currently in production no longer meet. That is why former Lada traders in Western Europe were forced to seek new trading partners.

ZhiDou is a subsidiary of China's leading car manufacturer, Geely, but its D2S electric car debuted in 2016. Such a two-sided electric car with full load can travel up to 180 kilometers. The ZhiDou D2S electric car costs from € 20,000 – for this money it was possible to buy a fully equipped Lada Vesta SW-Trans train station in Germany.

The Joylong brand, on the other hand, is more widely known for its Toyota imitations. For example, the EW5 van is not visible visually from the Toyota Hiace. The Chinese back is powered by a 136 hp electric motor, which can run up to 325 km without recharging the batteries.

However, the cooperation of German Lada dealers with Chinese manufacturers will not affect relations with AvtoVAZ – in a few years the Russian car will return to Europe with new models and engines that meet strict environmental standards. AvtoVAZ will most likely launch the European market with the next generation of Niva.

In 2018, Lada vehicles were sold worldwide in 395,000 units. Of these, 5,325 were sold on the EU market. The most popular Lada model in the region was the 4×4, which was bought in Europe at 2,341 units, up from 344 the previous year. Meanwhile, the Dada Logan-based Lada Vesta model, which costs € 16,000 here, was purchased in Europe by 1,296 people. The price of the Lada 4×4 in Germany was 12,000 euros.

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