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inappropriate selection of reservists at the Constitutional Assembly is a bad practice / Article /


At the end of May this year, Indriķis Muižnieks was re-elected as Rector of the University at the Constitutional Assembly of the University of Latvia. The results of the elections are being questioned by the State Quality Education Service and the Minister of Education and Science Ilga Šuplinska (New Conservative Party). She also said the government would be asked not to support the Landlord's appointment. One of the allegations of the legitimacy of the meeting's decision relates to inappropriate attraction of the so-called reserve members rather than those who were unable to attend the meeting. The Student Council acknowledges this was a bad practice, but it does so to maintain student representation.

13 representatives, who were not the main participants of the meeting but were chosen as reservists, participated in the Constitutional Meeting of the University of Latvia, in which Indriķis Muižnieks was re-elected. Eight of them are student representatives.

Student environmental reservists may only be appointed if, for example, one of the existing members of the meeting has interrupted or completed university studies. However, in this case, reservists are being sought for participants who have not come to it for other reasons.

Alice Paula Zīverte, President of the Council of the University of Latvia, acknowledges that it is not good practice to do so, but not to lose student representation, such a request was made and supported by the participants.

Alice Paula Zīverte, President of the Student Council of the University of Latvia and Alise Pokšāne, External Affairs Officer, explained that without eight students attending the Constitutional Assembly, students would lose 10.7% of the student body and five faculty would not be fully represented. open application was an additional order.

"In principle, if we were talking about representing faculty, we would lose a lot here," Pokhane said.

Representatives of the Student Council acknowledged that queue students were absent from the main meeting and were replaced by reservists from the same faculty.

Asked if the rules allow, Alice Paula Zivert said "we interpret this situation".

“The Constitutional Assembly of the University of Latvia has great powers as the highest decision-making institution. It also allows for derogations in certain situations. Yes – the regulations state that you must either leave or terminate your student status. In this situation, we as students also stated in our reasoning that the final test was [studējošajiem] and we called on the UL Constitutional Assembly to vote on it and they voted in favor. So we had no opportunity to question his decision.

I don't think it's good practice, but that's the practice, ”Zivert said.

In addition to the eight students who took on the role of reservist at the Constitutional Assembly, there are five additional university representatives. A total of 13 misdirected reservists. The Minister of Education and Science Ilga Šuplinska considers this a serious violation. 13 illegally elected members of the meeting had great opportunities to change the outcome of the election.

“Paragraph 4 of the UL Constitution Regulations provides for two cases in which this can be used. [rezervista] mandate – termination of employment / study relationship with the University of Latvia or transfer to another category of personnel. Nothing else is said there, "the minister explained.

"In the specific situation, which concerns 13 mandates – they were not given according to the same procedure stipulated by the UL, and it is recognized that 13 members of the Constitutional Assembly in the May 24 elections could radically change the election. result. [Indriķa] National candidacy returned 141 votes in favor [Gundaru] 128 votes were cast in Berzini. If we look at these 13 votes, they could in principle create a situation in which an equal number of "two" candidates were cast, "the minister said.

Representatives of the University of Latvia stated in a written reply to Latvian Radio that the university will only speak on the subject at a press conference on Monday.


The landlord's first vote was accompanied by scandalous and controversial ratings. On May 24, in the Constitutional Assembly of the University of Latvia, the nobleman collected 141 votes, but 143 voted against him. Declaring a landlord to be elected to such a distribution of votes has caused some public confusion. Then came a re-election in which the Noble won.

Later, the State Educational Quality Service (IKVD) found irregularities in the election of the Rector of the University of Latvia (UL). In total, the ECSD found 10 violence in the election of the Rector of the University of Latvia. There were discrepancies both in the procedure, in the documents and in the deadlines, as the Ministry was informed of the outcome of the university administrative elections one month later than required by law. In addition, student representatives participated in the election of the Rector, who were not legally allowed to do so.

Shuplinsky, who does not support the approval of the Rector of the University of Latvia, who was re-elected a month and a half ago, has vowed to leave the matter to the government.

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