Sunday , May 28 2023

Jelgava People fined for the need for fastostric in children's playgrounds – Latvia


Zemgale District Court in Jelgava fined a man who had resisted a police force in May this year that forced him to leave a theater house in a children's playground in Jelgava and there was a need for hunger strike, as announced by an anonymous court.

As the trial proves, on May 25 this year, a man who entered a wooden structure in a children's playground was called.

At the place, a police found the man in a wooden house at the children's playground and covered with a blanket. Several things were near, including a bag and a pillow.

The man ignored the petition of the police officers to leave the field and based their claim on high speed in the city of Jelgava, without disturbing anyone, so he would stay in the house for as long as he wanted.

An ambulance was called to the scene to state the man's health. After the doctors arrived, the man arranged his goods and went to his car. Medical medical staff found that the man did not need medical help.

The man later refused to leave the field and therefore was arrested and published a report on administrative crime for the violation of police officers.

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