Sunday , May 28 2023

Kurucs returns to Brooklyn's Nets in a few hours at G-League – Basketball –


Rodion Kurucs He was unable to take part in the five previous Nicholas & # 39; Nets in the NBA because of injuries, but the club changed its official status yesterday and stated that in the next game (tonight against the Rockets) it was on the question in question. Kurucs officially moved for the first time in his Nets career in the G-Championship but tonight, about three hours before the Nets, the Nets, the Rockets, again officially called the Brooklyn Team.

Nets' preliminary release in the media claims that Kuruca's participation in today's game is no longer a "question mark" but "feasible". True, it should be recalled that since the Kuruca injury team has returned to other injured players, its playing time is not guaranteed at all.

Restoring the injuries for a few hours, "getting in" to the showroom is not uncommon and takes part in the training of the second team. According to the NBA's Brooklyn NBA, there is no morning training, so the Kurucs could only be sent to a training session for the Long Island Division. A few days ago, another Nets basketball player, Jannan Musa, was sent to the G League within a few days, but he was recalled to Brooklyn within a few hours.

The Brooklyn game starts at 1:30 pm on Sunday in Houston, Texas. Before the start of the season, the Rockets came to the NBA's most important favorites, but the season started to be terrible and won 6 games in six games. Brooklyn also has a much better balance (3-5), and this night they play against James Harden, Chris Paul and Carmelo Entonio.

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