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Mozgov will not help Russia in World Cup – Basketball –


Russian-trained Russian team Sergey Bazarov started preparations a week and a half ago and crushed another world cup champion, Jordan, by 40 points in the first Test match. Vitaly Fridzon scored 22 points and the Russians scored 111: 71. Several real-world players did not participate in the match, but the team's biggest star, Alexey Sweden, will join the training later than the rest.

"Progress is, but not as fast as it should be, because this is an old injury," explained Mozgov, who was injured last season by the National Basketball Association (NBA), after which he decided to return to his homeland and join Rim Kurtinets. "for the unit." I don't want to insult American doctors, but their treatment was wrong. They made the wrong diagnosis. Nothing crazy happened, but the injury got worse. "

However, Mozgov said that before the start of the club season, there will be enough time to deal with the problem and be ready to leave. Mozgov, 33, spent nine seasons in the NBA (played in eight of them) and became the 2016 NBA Champion with LeBron James in the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 454 regular season games representing the Knicks, Nuggets, Cavaliers, Lakers and Nets, Mozgov averaged 6.8 points in 18 minutes and scored 4.9 rebounds. In 40 innings, 6.4 points and 4.8 rebounds plus 1.1 blocked shots.

Mozgov will return to Europe for the first time since 2010, which is also the only season in Europe's most prestigious club tournament for the Russian giant. At that time Mozgov averaged 6.0 points in Khimki's rankings and scored 4.1 balls under the baskets.

Russia will play in Group B at the World Cup, meeting Nigeria on 31 August, playing against South Korea on 2 September and examining Argentina on 4 September. Russia will return to the world cup final for the first time since 2010. In qualifying, Russians have won eight wins in 12 matches, staying in second place in Group K after France (the same balance was at Theio).

Russian national team candidates

Heading Player Height Year Club
Police: Andrei Sopin 186 cm 1997 Temp-SUMZ (Russia-2)
Eugene Baburin 190 cm 1987 Nizhny Novgorod
Grigory Motovilov 191 cm 1998 Primoria Spartak (Russia-2)
Mihaail Kulagins 191 cm 1994 CSKA
Alexander Platunov 192 cm 1997 Parma
Vitaly Fridson 194 cm 1985 Cuban locomotive
Dmitry Kulagin 197 cm 1992 Cuban locomotive
Alexey Sweden 198 cm 1986 Khimki
Attackers: Sergey Karasev 201 cm 1993 Khimki
Semyon Antonov 202 cm 1989 CSKA
Nikita Kurbanov 202 cm 1986 CSKA
Yevgeny Valiev 205 cm 1990 Khimki
Andrey Zubkov 205 cm 1991 Zenith
Nikita Balashov 207 cm 1991 Vostok-65 (Russia-2)
Andrey Voroncevich 207 cm 1987 CSKA
Andrey Lopatin 208 cm 1998 CSKA
Centers: Joel Bolomboy 204 cm 1994 CSKA
Vladimir Ivlev 207 cm 1990 Cuban locomotive
Arty Klimenko 214 cm 1994 Unique people
Artom Zabelin 215 cm 1988 Parma
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