Monday , June 5 2023

Much of the comprehensive justice system audit will be conducted by the State Audit Office BNN


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Much of the comprehensive justice system audit promised by Justice Minister Jan Bordan (JKP) earlier this year will be conducted by the State Audit Office (SAO). LNT News.

However, the half million euros reserved for Bordan's promised audit will also go back to the state budget. This has led to fears that the promise to audit the system has gone into the chest, but the head of the ministry's office denies it.

"The idea is not abandoned, we work on it all the time," explained Aldis Buks, the chief of the Justice Minister's office.

The Minister of Justice (MoJ) concluded that the hearing is best performed by the SAO. For this purpose in particular, the government has already approved a call to SAO to monitor the effectiveness of economic and financial crime investigation and prosecution.

"It was just a very natural way to bring out the best thing that you don't have to spend extra public money on," Bush said.

The SAO has already audited the effectiveness of the pre-trial inquiry in the State Police as early as 2017 and concluded that a much more extensive audit was needed and planned to implement it. Now responding to the government's call, it has already included a complete audit in its work plan for this year.

"There will be a comprehensive, comprehensive audit, specifically in the field of economic and financial crime assessment, so that we understand where the problems are," said Ilze Grīnhofa, Member of the Board of State Auditors.

TM does not believe that the fulfillment of its promises has now been transferred to VK. The SA intends to complete the extensive audit by the end of next year. To attract foreign experts from the European Commission and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the auditors will request an additional grant of up to EUR 200,000.

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