Monday , June 5 2023

NGOs currently have four candidates for the post of President of the SIF Council – News in Latvia


She said NGOs are currently considering all possible options, so there are at least four potential candidates at the moment. However, Silina refused to divulge the names of certain people, pointing out that their names were already "in circulation". At the same time, she revealed that the candidates include members of SIF Council as well as other members of the NGO sector.

Also the "Kim?" Executive Director Laima Ruduša confirmed that the opportunity to present a non-representative of the NGO sector to the chairmanship of SIF Board is being evaluated. She emphasized the importance of ensuring transparent and open competition for the chairmanship of SIF Board for NGOs.

Rudus said a joint NGO meeting could take place early in the week, most likely on August 13, after which the candidate's name could be revealed.

In turn, Daiga Zaķe, a member of the SIF Council and director of the Center for Education, did not forget the possibility of spreading the candidate's name only during the SIF Council meeting.

It has already been reported that an NGO has announced a plan to direct its candidate from among NGOs to the chairmanship of the SIF board.

The NGO Council is represented by Jolanta Eihentāle, Chairman of the Board of Health and Social Service "Artemis", Rinalds Gulbis, Representative of the Latvian Association of Europe in Latvia, Kim? Executive Director Ruduša, Chairman of the Board "Kurzeme NGO Support Center" Silina and Director of the "Education Initiative Center" Zaķe.

SIF Councilor, Kim? Center for Contemporary Art Executive Director Rudus has previously expressed his hope that he will succeed in his candidacy for president. "I hope we can do it. We'll see how big it will be for us to say and if there will be enough time to agree," Rudus said.

The next SIF board is expected on August 16 at 1 pm. Ruduša emphasized that a number of issues need to be addressed, including why Imanta Debtor (VL-TB / LNNK) was appointed prime minister.

As reported, the amendments to the SIF Act, which came into force on July 23 this year, stipulate that the council no longer include representatives from the planning regions, meaning that the council was also deprived of its president; President of the Jelgava City Council Andris Ravins (ZZS).

The amendments also stipulated that the Prime Minister be replaced by his representative and not by the Prime Minister himself. Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) has appointed his Debt Counselor for this post.

According to Karin's press secretary, Sandra Sabajeva, LOSA, Hosam Abu Meri (JV), an independent prime minister's advisor, was scheduled to take over. Abu Meri, however, is an independent advisor to the Prime Minister, who has public duties but practices the medical profession daily.

"In light of these circumstances, Abu Meri could not reconcile his existing duties with the SIF Board, and as such, State Councilor Karin, a long-time debtor in the non-government sector, has been appointed as the prime minister's representative on this board. who will also attend as many SIF Board meetings as possible, ”Sabajev acknowledged.

The debtor told LETA he would like to apply for the position of head of council and make the foundation more efficient and transparent. He indicated that he intends to improve the work of SIF during the board of the fund and regardless of the position of the board. At the same time, he is ready to take it if the council representatives agree.

By law, the SIF Council currently consists of a representative of the prime minister, five ministers in specific regions and five representatives of non-governmental organizations. Decisions are taken by at least seven of the 11 votes.

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