Saturday , May 27 2023

Nine-year-old Sigulda notices a stranger in her apartment and calls police – Crime News – News


Immediately the glorious girl came out of the balcony and called police at 110, telling them what she saw. Sigulda City Police Department officers arrived at the scene and detained the uninvited guest in the apartment. A moment later, the Sigulda district police of the State Police arrived.

The stranger, who was then drunk on alcohol at 1.94 miles, was taken to Sigulda police station.

An examination of his identity reveals that he was born in 1957. In recent years, he has not come under police scrutiny. However, it should be noted that the man has no declared place of residence. Current information indicates that no other things were missing from the apartment.

It was determined that the man could enter the stranger's apartment because the door was not locked.

In connection with the incident, criminal proceedings were initiated pursuant to Section 175 (3) of the Criminal Law of theft, if committed when entering an apartment. For such offenses, the law prescribes a sentence of imprisonment of up to five years, or a temporary deprivation of liberty, or forced labor, or fines, with or without confiscated property.

Given that the person was being bullied by the child, the State Police will assess whether he or she has any emotional violence against the minor. Therefore, he was also the subject of administrative proceedings pursuant to Article 172.2 of the Latvian Administrative Violence Code. Article. A warning or fine of up to € 400 will be issued for such violation.

Police are urging residents to always guard their homes and loved ones by locking the separate door and reminding their children to do the same. Many housing thefts occur when people freely enter because residents forget to lock their doors and close windows when they leave or do not do so while at home. Police are also asking for valuables to be kept outside the corridor, including a wallet, wallet and cell phones. If you have a lot of money, jewelry or other valuables in your home, it's worth buying quality security and tying it to the load wall of the house.

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