Friday , June 9 2023

NMPD Chief: To date there has been no evacuation plan like the one at Stradins Hospital


“This was one of the most challenging challenges not only for the Emergency Medical Service (NMPD) and the hospital, but also for the police and everyone involved. The risks involved in this case were quite high and the work needed to be done, "commented Liene Cipule, chief of NMPD at Stradins Hospital.

Hospitals have emergency plans and evacuation plans. It is true that requesting an evacuation of such size that the entire hospital needs to be evacuated and in a short period of time has proved to be a major challenge. "Thank God, the whole scenario didn't come true!" Adds Zipule.

However, a new emergency plan is not necessary. "This plan must complement the risks already given. Emergency preparedness plans are planned for a variety of events – fire, power outage, a very large influx of patients. In this case, it was an evacuation, and the evacuation to the extent that the whole hospital will have to be evacuated so far it has not been planned properly, it will have to be processed. "

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The situation in Stradiņš hospital was the most difficult, as it has the largest number of seriously ill patients.

Cipule also emphasizes that much more will be given to how ambulance crews interact with emergency services, as NMPD is a day-to-day experience for others.

Conversation with Lieni Cipuli

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