Saturday , June 19 2021

Riga's "Dynamo" in Nizhny Novgorod seeks to expand the series of victory – ice hockey – Sports

The team led by irtsirts Ankefan started three games away on Tuesday, when the local "ftefehimik" took Nizhnekamsk 4: 3.

Torpedo in the previous game with 0: 3 acknowledged the supremacy of CSKA in Moscow, having experienced the second loss in a row.

On exit with "Dynamo", the attacker Trauma Gunars Skvorcovs not go, and the return to the square is scheduled for mid-December. Also, Kristaps Zīle, defender, continues to be hurt. But Canadian striker Brandon McMillan, who played a good game in the previous game, returned.

Both teams will be playing 30 in KHL. To date, Torpedo has won better than 17 wins, of which 14 are fixed time.

Torpedo now has a series of seven home games.

The best players on the Dynamo team are Matthew Mayon and Swede Linus Weidell. Both won 27 points in performance, being the leading players in the tournament. They will participate in the KHL All-Star game, and will be in the area of ​​origin of the Bobrov Brigade.

Niz Novgorod with 10 + 10 stands out for Dennis Parchin, who with 20 points performance is convincing the best in his team.

Staff Riga Dynamo at departure

Goalkeepers: Kriser Godlevski, Timor Bililov, Maxim Tartiak.

Guards: Arthum Eliav, Narihus Elyashkes, Avis Blinskiss, Sergey Gimab, Matthew Mayon, Dmitry Shulanin, Christophe Sutnix, Marcus Anthony Zanti.

Attackers: Oscar Bataña, Daniel Berezins, Kevin Clarke, Loris Darzincz, Andris Rynes, Amiles James Colton Giles, Reinhard Marnis, Brandon McMillan, Gintas Me, Matthew Mittenen, Vitaly Pavlov, Frank Rezgels, Miklis Ridelyes, Line Wizards.

The outcropping series "Dynamo" will be closed on Saturday against Kazan's "Ak Barim" championship last season.

In the 25 th place of Dynamo in the tournament, with 25 points in seventh place, Torpedo won 33 points in 26 games, and is the seventh strongest team in the Eastern Conference.

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