Sunday , May 28 2023

Singer Mick Dukur reveals that he was in the middle of numerous addictions


As a member of the public movement, musician Mick Dukur discovered that he had been free of several addictions for several years.

"Time to say NO! Those who know me will surely remember how difficult it was for me!

But about 4 years ago I was free of tobacco, alcohol and more. addictive substances!

And there is so much more! It is a productive day and a real joy to live and be! Of course, you don't have to be so categorical, that's my choice, but sometimes a loud NO saying can also have a positive impact on your life, because it's nice to live! "

The "Power to Say NO" campaign invites everyone to seek their own power and say "No!" To smoking and alcohol. The purpose of the move is to provide insights into ways to deal with situations where cigarette smoking or drinking is often considered salvation.

Mick Dukur was born into a musical family – Father Eddie is a bass guitarist who has performed with the band "KWO", the Igo accompaniment ensemble and several other bands, while his younger sister Paula has participated in the Young Stars and the Eurovision National Selection. Together with his family, he participated in the TV show "Singing Families", where he gained public recognition.

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