Saturday , January 16 2021

"Staro Rīga 2018 has been visited by more than 350 000 spectators in hundreds of years

The Staro Rīga Film Festival This year, one of the country's 100th anniversary celebrations, more than 350,000 spectators visited this year, representatives of the Riga City Council's Education, Culture and Sport Department inform Delphi.

In total, 42 light objects were seen in the festival program. The inhabitants of the four districts of Riga – the new taekke and the surroundings of the VEF Cultural Palace, Vecmilgravis in the Palace of Culture "Ziemeblblāzma", Kengarags on the Daugava Promenade and Iucuciems – were very interested in the "Secret Life of Light" program.

In addition to the artistic objects presented in the program, residents were able to see nine light stories about the international program and 16 projects of the "Riga Carnival" participation program implemented by the festival's partners.

The theme of this year's festival program was "Castle of the Rising Light" and created new light stories of light artists based on Latvian culture and values. In this program, residents were able to see the video projection "Back Lacplesis", easy installation with holographic influences "Viedjrara", environmental facilities "Hippodrome" and "Forest Sajttu". Everyone had an opportunity to get to know the "endless formula" of Latvian light-sonic stories, in which the pace of the Lielvarde belt is a portrait of Latvia's most bright personality and speeches to the people and our country. The story of Anne's story, in which Anna's 98-year-old heroine was set and full of love for her century, was said in a video clip created in the style of street art. The festival was able to see the installation of "Latvian kaleidoscope" and the hologram "100 words to myself" as well as the opportunity to imagine the object "Riga Metro". At the same time as the premiere of Rosa's new film Steve "The Sun Rid in Heaven", animated film heroes can meet in a video screening on a screen fan screen.

This year, some of the project's members turned to the subject of nature: artist Valdemars Johansson offered the sound and film sculptures "Opportunity", "Animal Company" – "Starnesis" and "Uraga Performance" in the "Forest Game in the City" project. At the center of the contemporary culture of cannabis, 100 inhabitants of Riga, with their light bodies, visualized our variety in this city.

"In these years, our light festival" Staro Riga "has grown and became an international recognition among tourists and light artists, this year artists from France, Germany, Portugal, Japan and the Netherlands participated, and four creative groups of international and international artists presented new objects created. Various genres of high-level art of artistic quality of light objects simultaneously demonstrates the potential of our light artists at the festival, "says curator Diana Čivle," closing this year's festival.

In collaboration, the legend "Spriditis" was created – a video projection proved by Anita Pagel, young actors in the youth theater "Zilox", who played the main roles, while Okubo's Portuguese creative association put the technique "mapping". In turn, the German creative association Forum InterArt offered the project "#UniversUs," in which a dancer born in Sveta, Lotte Svberge, together with contemporary local dance dances, created a video game. In turn, the Norwegian light artist Anastasia Isaacen called the screening video "Dawn", inspired by the poetry of Imants Ziedonis "and music by Peter Waska The international creative group understood the object" 100 Words to Himself "in a hologram not yet seen at the Riga Light Festival.

The international program includes several projects of well-known artistic groups. For the first time in Latvia, a performance performed by the "Debana" robot from the Or Ghent Festival is proof, and after Ghent's debut, Riga is the second city where Belgian artists exhibit this project. From the Lyon light festival, ballet objects of large scale "Pikooks", which became the most mentioned objects in social networks, as well as the installation of the kinetic environment "Abstract – the illusion of the flow of time," participated. The installation included the performance of the "Lampungis" by the Japanese light creator Yuki Anai.

The festival, for the fifth consecutive year, included the participation program and partnership "Riga Carnival", which saw facilities and light objects, whose ideas are created, technically realized and funded by collaborators or supporters of the festival. The organizers are grateful to all the participants and call on us to start thinking about the festival next year.

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