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Survey: Important conviction, functionality and minimalism in home selection BNN


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In 91% of respondents, he noted that the most important factor in the choice of place of residence was the smoking, but the functional criteria (88%) and minimalism (85%) were also important criteria for the choice of the population in Latvia, Bonavia Latvia and the Market and Opinion Research Center (SKDS) study.

77% or 753 respondents admitted that it is important to choose a place of residence that is close to the city's public life, while people want to go further and closer to the city center (68%). This, in turn, suggests that people live in distant areas of the dynamic capital city – however, in places where it is easy to get to the center and, if necessary, easily and comfortably depart from the city.

Respondents acknowledged that the building or building was from the surrounding area (65%) and that the construction process was to be used for natural, environmentally friendly but more expensive materials (65%). At the same time, it is important that the population of the population is smaller (75%), since maintenance does not only require short-term but longer-term, more importantly, lower costs.

"This study has shown that Latvian residents are similar to their Scandinavian neighbors in terms of choices and values ​​that allow them to enjoy a healthy life in a well-maintained environment. Residents of Latvia are virtually and at the same time demanding choice because they want to live in a well-maintained environment, nostalgia from the city center and close enough to public life, "says Arnis Kaktins, head of the SKDS Research Center.

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