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The last romance in a consumer society. Review by Father John Misty Concert / Article /


On August 13, American singer Father John Misty performed with a large ensemble of six musicians at the Palladium Riga Concert Hall. The singer really touched the small but very interested audience.

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer Josh Tilman (Josh Tillman) discography under the stage name Father John Misty (hereinafter "Misty") currently has four albums, the latest of which was "God's Favorite Cost", released last year, and he toured in Latvia as part of a tour of the album. Although I have heard songs from this album from time to time on Latvian radio stations, Latvian musicians will be more familiar with the songs Josh Tilman co-wrote, for example the song "Hold Up" by Beyonce. On the evening of August 13, the "Palladium Riga" seems to have reunited the "Father John Misty" fan club (I spoke with people from Finland, Estonia and even the United States who came to this concert), and music lovers following and current events in a wide variety of genres.

Presumably there were very few visitors to the concert this evening who could feel the atmosphere in the hall, which was the focus.

The first part of the concert was very fast – the songs were stacked one after the other, as if the musician wanted to play as many songs as in potpourri. Slowly the pace slowed down and it seemed that Mystery of "Nancy From Now On" was focusing on the audience.

He was obviously pleasantly surprised by the fact that the public sang all his songs here in the country he was visiting for the first time. How is that possible? Internet! He finished.

The singer is known for his sense of humor not only in the songs, but also in the intervals with the listeners. For example, when he saw a light in his hand extend his lamp, he added, among the ballads, that it might burn his finger. To which the girl replied that she would be fine. But one lighter makes sense – he continued, adding that this was not an invitation to the others. Reverse psychology worked and ten other hands were raised, holding the small lighter.

The enthusiasm of the mysterious public delighted and he genuinely mocked.

When it comes to singers, the question is always – do you listen to the lyrics? Clearly, without knowing the lyrics or paying attention to them, the singers' music may at one point seem to be too uniform and even. To that end, Father John Misty may have seven multi-instrumental musicians because of this, providing ample opportunity for song arrangements. The individual sound of each song, as well as the overall dynamics of the concert and the musical drama with Mystical dance, which is similar to the fighting position of the Spanish bullfighter.

As for the lyrics – everyone will have their own favorite – a candid, slightly pretentious story to personalize, whether it's love affairs or existential problems with society as a whole. This concert saw a total of 20 songs from all of the singer's albums played. For example, for me this concert reopened the song "I went to the One Day store".

Mystery tracks the longing for consumer society. Brilliant realism sounds like a refreshing tune. But in the end, the whole story is about not taking life too seriously, right?

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