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The Latvian-owned company has become one of the fastest growing US companies


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Presema, a subsidiary of Draugiem Group, an information and information technology (IT) company, is on the list of 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the United States, reported Draugiem Group on

The company is 564th.

Prinful Inc. and AS Printful Latvia combined sales of $ 77 million (EUR 67.66 million) in 2018, compared with $ 46 million ($ 40.42 million) in 2017.

"Print" funds have grown nearly 70% compared to last year. To continue this growth, we plan to expand to new markets by opening offices and product offices, and constantly working on new products and integrations. To achieve this, we need new talent in the team, ”says co-founder and CEO Dāvis Siksnāns, adding that a technology company uses a broad spectrum of business professionals, not just developers.

The owners of Printful are Lauris Liberts and Agris Tamanis, founders of the Draugiem Group. Latvian company "Urgent" received several awards because the brand of the year, the most exportable company, won the startup brand and received the award for an inclusive work environment. Currently, 40 vacancies in IT, finance, design,
in manufacturing and management positions.

Printful Inc. is a US-based foreign printing company that is part of the Latvian Draugiem Group. Printema Latvia, in turn, is a subsidiary of Printful Inc., with its headquarters in Riga, which provides Lending programming, marketing, customer support, market research and financial services.

Printful Inc. works for the North American market with departments in the United States (Los Angeles, California and Charlotte, North Carolina) and Mexico (Tijuana). European orders are provided by the Latvian affiliate AS Printful Latvia. In order to grow faster in Spanish-speaking countries, the Barcelona Press Office has opened this summer.

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With a team of over 250 people, the Print Headquarters and European manufacturing plant will continue to be located in Latvia. At least 100 talented professionals have joined the Print Latvia team during the year and the number continues to grow rapidly. Together, Print employs more than 600 people worldwide. Pressive has so far printed more than 11.5 million products for customers
merchandise sold for more than $ 540 million (€ 478 million).

Printable prints, factories and deliver products for e-commerce store orders. The company offers integration with business platforms, automating product creation and receipt and order fulfillment, and enables customers to determine shipping costs online. Printful provides integration with various e-commerce platforms and services such as Shopify, eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Etsy, Weebly.

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