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The Tesla Model And will begin production in September 2020


New Crossover Model and from Tesla hit the transport zone in September of the next year, foreign media reports.

Latest information indicates that the Tesla's compact cross-section model Y will start production in September 2020. The company will first launch the company's transport zone in California, the United States, and later on its new plant in China, in a factory called Tigala & # 39 ; s Gigafactory 3.

Model And made its official premiere in March this year. Based on the model 3 model, the trailer has two electric motors that reach 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds (Performance version), while the various battery capacities will provide up to 480 km (Long Range version). The maximum speed is 240 km / h.

It is known that the standard version will be simpler than previously announced – instead of the retrospective cameras will be replaced by ordinary mirrors, but the company's "hawk" wings will be replaced by conventional design doors.

Recently, Tesla has informed investors that in the second quarter, the company has dropped low-rate evaluation by analysts.

After the announcement, the company's sharp price fell. Analysts expected the announcement of the loss, but it surpasses expectations.

The losses of Tesla in April-June amounted to $ 408 million ($ 366 million), including $ 117 million in restructuring and other costs, according to the company's letter to shareholders.

At the same time, Tesla, led by a controversial enterprise entrepreneur Ion Masks, delivered a record of 95,356 vehicles in the second quarter. The number of vehicles produced also reached a new quarterly record of 87,048.

Tesla described the record as "an important milestone because it represents a rapid progress in managing global logistics and supply operations at higher volumes."

The increase in supplies and production of vehicles is largely attributable to the success of Model 3. This model is the first Tesla to offer the mass market so that it becomes more accessible. Thus, Tesla tries to increase revenue to pay investors and invest in the development of new electric vehicles.

The auto producer has confirmed that it is still planning to launch the production of Model 3 in China by the end of the year, but that the Model Y will be launched next year in Fremont, California, also massively marketed and available as a seven-seater.

Tesla also stated that it was realistic to reach this year a target of 360-400,000 vehicles delivered.

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