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The turnover of SIA "Domenikss" last year was more than 48 million euros


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General Manager of Daimler AG in Latvia SIA "Domenikss" had EUR 48.4 million in 2018 and closed the year with a profit of EUR 298,554, despite the general decline in activity in the automotive sector.

Although the Latvian new passenger car market showed 7% growth in the first half of 2018, the year ended with a stagnant 1.7% growth, which also affected the return of SIA Domenikss, says Benita Danilenko, chairman of the company's board of directors. in response to these challenges, it has not been a barrier to constant business growth, consistently high quality of service and definition of new strategic directions.

"Overall, we consider last year a success. Despite a 10% drop in sales last year, mainly due to the decline in sales of passenger cars, especially in the premium brand segment, where the purchasing power of the Latvian banking sector has greatly affected the purchase. power of the car at the beginning of the year, ”Danilenko.

SIA "Domenikss" plans to further develop its operations in the Latvian market by opening a new service center and offering customers the latest Mercedes-Benz models, thus strengthening its position as a leading premium car dealer.

"Our goal is to become the most efficient organization in the industry, so we will continue to invest consciously not only in IT and to improve the capabilities of our employees, but also in the development of the company. A strategic step will be to expand the business by opening a new truck sale and service center in Pieriga later this year, ”Blessed Danilenko outlines the company's development plans for 2019.

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In early 2019, the company’s existing diagnostic technologies were significantly improved, investing € 37,000 in the state-of-the-art geometric wheel testing and fitment facility Hunter HTA-MBHD. In the first half of this year, new V-Class Mercedes-Benz vehicles that complement the minivan segment, the CLA coupon in the compact segment and Mercedes-Benz GLE – the world's first out-of-vehicle vehicle equipped with E-Active Body Control – made available to customers in Latvia. Several new models are planned to be introduced by the end of the year, setting new Mercedes-Benz car safety, technology and environmental standards.

His "Domenikss" was registered in 1997 and is owned by Benita Danilenko. In 2018, SIA "Domenikss" paid LVL 9.4 million in taxes administered by the SRS. millions, including $ 1.14 million. euro – contributions from compulsory state insurance.

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