Monday , June 5 2023

Uldric comes in for change, helping Sion score two goals and beat Vanin Zurich – Football –


Both Uldrik and Vanin stayed out of their teammates, exchanging goals in the first half. In the seventh minute, Albanian Ermir Lenjani led the Sion, while Morocco's Zimmer Mimun Mahi equalized (1: 1) in the 20th minute.

In the second half 71 minutes to the second yellow card was awarded to Sion's Algerian defender Ajubs Abdelaui without a penalty for Zurich's Bozeman Kollolli. Uldrikis changed the field with 76 minutes left in the match.

After 81 minutes, Uldrici sent a corner kick right through the middle, but his teammate lost 2 – 1. In just under two minutes, Uldrik helped clear the Zurich defender into the middle of the field, and Kasami advanced alone. The Albanian midfielder was not confused and threw the ball through the feet of Zurich goalkeeper Janice Breher – Sion 3: 1.

For Uldrik this season, it was the first outing for Sion on the field in an official match. Sion has won four in three games, while Zurich have one point.

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