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Valmiera Theater Start New Season with Three Premieres / Article /


The Valmiera Drama Theater will invite viewers to three premieres in September. Two of them are composed by Indra Roga and Mikhail Gruzdov along with 3-year-old students of Latvian Academy of Culture Valmiera Theater, the third is directed by Inese Mičule.

On September 7, the premiere of "Victoria" will premiere at the Norwegian story of the Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun with the same name, while on September 20 the work "731. step", based on the texts of the novel "Crime" and Punishment ”by the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky.

At the end of September, Teatro Valmiera's largest audience and their parents will have a great event – a musical performance featuring Inese Zander's poems and Renars Kauper's "Laughter of Laughter", directed by Inese Mičule.

"For a new show, the viewer will be a child. Of course, age matters a lot. I quickly understood this range of newcomers until about 12-13 when other interests began. Children at this age will understand what the stories are about, songs that the actors perform on stage Inese Mičule is recognized by "Culture Circle" on Latvian Radio, and she also says that the presence of parents is important.

Evita Asheraden, director of the Valmiera Drama Theater, points out that the theater has constantly spoken to children and young people in its productions.

"We plan to add some performances from the Valmiera Summer Theater Festival to the repertoire, if applicable, as the response was excellent. It gave the wings the start of the season," acknowledges the theater director.

"We want to encourage families to go to a theater. The festival, the family goes together and watches. It's about intellectual enjoyment, knowledge and joy together," Asheraden continues.

She also points out that two of the first releases of the new season will be made by young people.

"We hope it will please students in Valmiera and those who study in Riga who will come and watch," says Aseraden.

Of course, there will be different productions in the new season. The theater will be staged by former theater actor and director Edmunds Freibergs. In mid-October, she will be directed by Ieva Puķe and Imants Strads on the board of directors of Ieva Pami and Imanta Strada. There will be a stage for ourselves, a little fun and a little sad, the show is characterized by Asheraden.

Currently Valmiera Drama Theater is hosting in Riga and at the end of September the theater will also perform guest performances in Kurzeme and Zemgale. The cat on the tin roof can be seen in Bauska, Kuldiga, Talsi, Roja and Kandava.

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