Saturday , April 1 2023

Zernis wins 17th place in World Long Distance Championship / Article /


Latvian Eastern sports team Rudolfs Zērnis took 17th place in the long-standing World Championship in Norway.

The winner won and the title won in Latvia last year was defended by the Norwegian Ulav Lundaness, who is already ninth in the World Championships. The Norwegian finished in an hour and a half and nine seconds.

The second was his compatriot Casper Fosser, who lost the champion by one minute and 39 seconds, while the bronze was won by the Swiss titled Daniel Hubman, two minutes and 58 seconds slower than Lundane.

The boy lost ten minutes and 31 seconds to the champion, giving him 17th place. He stood through the distance in the second tenth.

Meanwhile, Arthur Paulins lost 19 minutes and 57 seconds to the champion in the 32nd position.

The long-distance ends reached 76 landmarks.

Currently ladies compete in the long distance, representing Latvia Sandra Grosbergs, Liga Valdmane and Signe Sirmaja.

It has been reported that on Tuesday all six Latvian qualifiers in the Latvian Eastern Championship took the intermediate distance.

The World Middle Distance Championships will be held on Friday, but Wednesday will see the world's best long-distance Easterners. The World Championship will end on Saturday with a relay race.

A year ago, the World Oriental Championship in Latvia was the last in the traditional format, including sprints and tree distances. Due to a change of format the mid-distance qualification has also been restored, so all countries have three starting places for men and women.

The number of places in the long distance is still determined by the sections where the countries are ranked according to the results of the previous two years world championships, so in the long distance Latvia will be represented by two men and three women.

The Eastern World Championships this year will challenge the stiffer and physically demanding terrain of Estfolla County, where participants will have to navigate through marshes, rocks, steep slopes with tall shrubs and moors, of varying size and entitlement. There are hardly any similar conditions in Latvia, but most of the Samideans have visited training camps in Norway and are familiar with the features of the region.

This contest is special, because for the first time the prizes will be distributed only in forest distances.

A year ago Sigulda and Riga hosted the World Eastern Championships, which was also the second round of the World Cup. Latvian Orientalists in their domestic championships were not successful, although the men were in the lead for much of the relay.

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