Wednesday , March 3 2021

A crisis between Hani Shaker and Bika … The head of Al-Nahar's musicians: I will not let them pollute the Arabic song – Mahmoud Ibrahim

The name of the popular artist, Hamo Pekka, has become the mouthpiece of social networking sites in recent hours, after the Egyptian music organization decided to cancel the concert in Alexandria a few days ago.

Despite the presence of more than 20,000 people in the cast during his canceled ceremony, he honored the union's decision and withdrew from the ceremony in order not to continue confidently after it was proved that he had no permission to sing.

Shaker explained to al-Nahar that what he did was to preserve the values ​​and principles of the Egyptian and Arab song, which is known to her, and that the Bika boys are "only identified in the status of the song" and that he will continue to fight this category.

Becca is not the first person to cancel his concert, and a large number of artists such as Dolly Shaheen and Shama and Lily Project and others.

Hamo Becca.

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