Saturday , January 16 2021

Can an investor be stronger?

In 2013, the Tire district tourist organizers tried to present a project to the residents regarding the marine wealth and to retreat the sand of the South Beach River basin, in the place located in the "Sansoul" of the tourist site of Tire or Rest-House. And that all the words were directed in one direction, "sandblasting from the beach to sell," the day the object and the position of the community to complete the project, but today has again talked about the project seriously.

"Years before, when we started talking about the sandstone project in the river basin, the main focus was that the organizers of the tourist arm negotiated with a Jihad al-Arabian contractor to get sand from the river basin without paying a certain salary to sell it." "This project is causing danger to human beings, sandless dunes without study, which cause drainage in the sea, lead to the proliferation of currents and causes of suffocation of humans. This was certified by the city during the Lebanese war when it was removed, "said the sources. "The most important of all is that the sandblasting project generates large amounts of money for the contractor. The cost of removing it with drivers and others does not exceed $ 150,000, although the sale can return more than this amount and reach $ 1 million . "

The sources added: "When the speech started the years ago on the project to eliminate the sand, the crushed entrepreneur introduced in Abidjan" Kh. G "to do the task is to remove the sand from the river basin to return to the sea, but its proposal was rejected then, to show that the proposal is the extraction of sand and sell it, but as a result of the opposition of the people and events and associations stopped the project.

The sources confirm that "today meeting in Tire, the subject of the restoration of the project itself, removing the sand from the river basin, but without specifying the cell, will be sold or returned to the sea," pointing at the same time that "it did not even speak about the contractor who will do these actions, but it is certain that the sand will be removed from sprayers and not by suction. "" The project's administrators informed the assistants that they had obtained a work from the Ministry of Works to begin the work , but they did not study the environmental impact of the project and did not go to the Ministry of Environment about that. " This is the fear of Mahdi Karim, a member of the city, "the risk of the project in the absence of an environmental impact study, determines the quantities destined to be eliminated and effective on the sea and the fate of those who return to him," noticing that "As the people of the city and if the sand was removed from the river basin and returned to the sea, it does not matter, because the sea is the same, but we will treat it in the case of sale, except for the risk that will cause, It will open the door in the future and under any pretext to remove the sand and sell.

"The newsletter" was trying to contact the owners of the rest of the images and confirmed their sources that "inside the basin is a place to swim and tide waves, there is no chance to swim because it is not deep enough, and we have proposed the retreat of sand and is currently traded on the theme ". As regards the community of Tire and according to the language of its vice president Salah Sabraoui confirmed his position on "neutrality in this project, handling the explanation of the image and knowing the fate of the project, especially because it had previously been raised and the object was large by the people stopped working. "

If you have to wait for the following days to know the fate of the project and explain the whole image of the details, and remain the most important: "Will the successors stay and remove the sand after the object has blown earlier?

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