Thursday , June 17 2021

Amazon has selected $ 5 billion. Dollar worth of new construction sites at headquarters

This decision ended in a long battle between the various US cities that wanted to host a huge company.However, Amazon will be happy not only with New York and Washington.Nashville in the state of Tennessee will become the new home of the Amazon East Coast unit.

Amazon will strengthen its position in New York and its capital to attract more skilled workers from Silicon Valley technology giants. Search staff at the new headquarters will begin in 2019.

The new Washington headquarters will be based in Arlington County, Virginia, and New York's headquarters will be on Long Island Island, Queens District, near Manhattan and the United Nations headquarters.

"The headquarters will help bring a global talent that will help us continue to build wealth for our customers in the coming years," said Amazon founder and founder Amazon Bezos.

Amazon also reported an excess of $ 1.525 billion. Dollar dollars from New York State due to 25 thousand of the company. New jobs. Another $ 573 million Virginia will provide jobs for state jobs.

According to Amazon, the company since 2010 in the United States is invested over 160 billion USD. Dollars, by building and using warehouses, data centers and down.

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