Saturday , January 23 2021

Ample Juventus tradition – again in the King's Quarterfinals Mindaugas Cup

Alejandras Zacharovas played the best match winning the Juventus T-shirt and helped his team beat Kedainiai "Nevėžis" on Wednesday at 78:71 (21:15, 18:15, 20:19, 19:22).

Juventus is likely to be among the eight most strong matches – in the first second of the game last week in Kedainiai, won the advantage of 21 points.

A. Zacharovas played the game of the season – he won 20 points (8/14 colonies), rebound 15 balls, and scored 24 points. His best performance so far reached 19 points. By the way, A. Zacharov left the place with a negative score five times since the last six matches in the Lithuanian basketball league (Betsafe-LKL).

Uteniškiai did not doubt his advantage – he went from the beginning of the meeting and did not allow "Nevėžis" to reduce the moment of the 21-point deficit obtained during the first meeting.

In the second half, Martin Geben enjoyed the audience with his teeth, and after the Vaidas Čepukaitis double, Juventus reached 15 points – 37:22 (17th minute). "Nevėžis" did not recover after these outlines.

Gibbens scored 13 points from the bench, beat 7 goals and made one of the best in the season.

The member of Juventus Gytis Radzevičius played the best game of this season. He won 13 points – more than all LKL and KMT matches with this season combined. G. Radzevičius, who debuted this season in the highest level of Lithuanian basketball, collected 18 points of utility.

Invitees won 17 points for Chauncey Collins, 15 for Nikita Balashov, 12 for John-Christopher Fuller.

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