Monday , June 14 2021

"Klaipda bus fleet" opened for innovation

"In the context of air pollution, many European countries are seeking to abandon diesel-fueled public transport within the next 10 years," said Vidas Ramanaskas, CEO of KLAP .

Scania and UAB SG Dujos, the Scandinavian experimental company that operates the streets of Klaipeda, meets the highest ecological requirements – Euro 6 standard. This bus does not carry passengers but simulates work under real conditions. The bus is loaded with weights, driving condition and combustion equipment.

"For our drivers and service technicians, this opportunity to" seize "future technologies to become familiar with technological innovations.Also, this experiment is consistent with our city park development strategy – to strive for the most environmentally friendly transportation", – V. Ramanauskas said.

KLAP is considered the most popular public transportation company not only in the port city and all of Lithuania. Klaipeda was the first to use natural, compressed and environmentally friendly buses to transport passengers in the city. Currently, more than half of KLAP bus buses in the port city are driven by this fuel. As part of a renewal project with EU economic support, next year the company will buy another 17 new gas and two electric buses for transportation of the city.

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