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The basketball court is slower, but the medal flow is not close

In the world – among the leaders

However, even the world's "slower" ranking is the fourth – after the US, Brazil and Russia, and Europe – second (after Russia).

The Lithuanian basketball elders at the World Championships and World Championships and the Masters World Games won several dozen colorful medals.

The harvest was also in 2017, and 2018.

Last year, the Lithuanian Masters in New Zealand, Auckland, returned with gold (over the age of 45) and silver (over 40 years).

His sport and trophy collections were completed not only by European and Euroleague champions Saulius Stombergas, Mindaugas and Cascas, but also Vaidas Jurgilas, Dainius Staugaitis, Singer Clan, Vaidas Stiga.

In 2017, at the 14th World Championships in Italy, the Lithuanian men (over the age of 65), who was represented and recognized by Edmonds Nermontas, Edwards Kairys, who were known by the Vilna construction workers, were defeated in the final for Americans 47:64.

Bronze won women (over 30) and men (over the age of 35). 367 teams (more than 5,800 players) from 50 countries participated in the World Championship.

Happy New Year

At the FIMBA European Championship in Slovenia, basketball players in our country won two gold (men over the age of 35 and women over the age of 45), silver (men over age 45 and above) and bronze (men over 55). And women over 35) medals.

The European Basketball Association (ESBA), led by Romaldes Brazauskas, the director of the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL), won the most successful success of Kaunas LT United (over 50), Vilna Senior Construction (60 years), Vilniaus "vavaigždžių "žaidjjai (50 years).

Jovaiša plunged into politics, and invited to play basketball, said: The joints are more crazy, leaving me alone.

The silver medals were awarded to "Petwankas" (over 50) and "Perl" (over 55), bronze – Vilna "Alumni" (over the age of 70) and Radhievikis "Stados Mill".

Waiting for Mexico

"This year, in October, before we started the old basketball championship, we tried to innovate – we organized a tournament" 3 vs. 3. "If I'm not mistaken, this competition for the elderly was organized not only in Europe, but also in the world, We have not done this by chance: Pimba is planning to host the third to third world championship in Mexico in 2019, which is supposed to include several teams from our country, so our competition is warming. "

In the tournament in Kaunas, which became the "3 to 3" tournament initiated by LKVL, 14 teams competed (60, 65 and 70). The average age of players has exceeded 67 years, and the field has been tested by more than 50 players – former amateur and professional professionals.

First place was occupied by Vilna Pearl (60 years old), the first group Zalgiris Utah of Kaunas (65 years) and the first team of the elders of Vilna (over 70 years).

Tomorrow Taurage will be the second tournament (men over the age of 55 and women over the age of 40).

Applications are already flying

Lithuania Back to the Pimba Board Again – in April 2019, the World League of Basketball Veterans will be held in Kaunas.

"This is the sixth tournament on the same level – in the past they were held in Buenos Aires and Parna (Argentina) in Zadar (Croatia) this year in Matsu (Japan), with applications already flowing, we expect to receive groups not only from Europe but also Asia, America ", – said V.Masalskis.

Next year Lithuanians will also face the challenges of their closest neighbors – the traditional Baltic Cup tournament will take place in Latvia. This year, our women in Estonia have won five age groups of five (ten) women.

"The Finns want to join the basketball team of the three Baltic states, so the competition will grow," said the director of the LKVL.

Pakruojis also got together

This season, 36 teams from seven age groups will compete in the LKVL championship, and soon it will become clear how many teams will participate in the women's championship.

"Our geography is widespread, although it can be even more speculative, after a few collectives, not only the big cities brought together – Kovno, Vilnius, Klaipeda, Panavisis, but even the smaller ones – Fekogr, since "It should be noted that the major basketball players – for 70 years – four teams in the group will compete with players born in 1934, 1936, 1940," said Walsallis.

FIMBA rules state that players under the age of 35 may participate in an established competition. And players no less than 40 years

"For example, in 1985, when it comes to sports, it's a matter of being able to do sports, or becoming a spectator only – personal choice, given their health, employment and other circumstances. For example, some well-known former basketball players take business, others simply enjoy the rest, "Said Walsalles. In recent years, I have been the only one in the veteran competition, Zalgiris, who became Soviet champion last year, Sergey Gassa, and Mindaugas Arlosakas, was still in the veteran European championship in Kovno, but later Sergei leaned on politics and was invited to talk to the square and said: Strong, leave me alone … and Mindaugas will be back to play more times and already took part in the tournament "3 vs. 3".

In addition, travel abroad is another challenge for the personal budget unless the group is supported by customers, sponsors, and often basketball players.

"In support of solid Kovna provided by developers Valdas Petkevičius, Kęstutis Švedas", – said the director of LKVL.

A 64-year-old V.Masalskis jokes he made only legendary bread after becoming a veteran.

The former midfielder of Kelso, Richard Abiganov, represented the Lithuanian team, this year with William Benya senior, became the ESBA champion and the most enjoyable player in his age group, "said a former Zlegiris.

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