Friday , January 15 2021

The incidence of cold flu continues to grow

In the 46th week of the year (from 12 to 18 November), the overall Lithuanian outbreak rate and the incidence rate of AMD was 65.1 avv./10 ths. Of the population. Last year (2017), at the same time, the hospital were similar – 60.2 atv./10 thousand. Of the population.

In the 46th week of the year, the lowest incidence of influenza and HIPC was recorded in the administrative territory of Chaia, the largest in the administrative area of ​​Kaunas.

Last week, two people were in hospital due to flu all over Lithuania. Of these, one person is up to the age of 17, one is an adult.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes vaccines as the most specific prevention tool for influenza prevention. The vaccine prevents flu and its complications. The vaccine for this particular flu vaccine is the most effective means of preventing influenza.

It is recommended to vaccinate the flu vaccine during the fall / winter period, as it takes about two weeks for human antibodies to fight the influenza virus.

Which risk groups are recommended for each flu season?

  • 65 years old and old;
  • pregnant women;
  • People living in nursing homes and nursing homes;
  • People with chronic cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, kidney disease, chronic diseases associated with immune mechanisms, malignant tumors;
  • Health workers

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