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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly


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Welcome to the 278th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the great titles from last week:

  • Black hat 2019 was a bad week for WhatsApp. The app featured a number of features, including the ability to display messages from someone else and the ability to decrypt messages across the network. The first allows users to quote others in a group chat and change the sender's identity. The others intercept decryption keys during the QR code process of the web version. You can hit the link to learn more about each one.
  • Google Search now lets you listen to podcasts directly from the search results. You simply search for a podcast and hit the play button on the Google Search page. You then listen to the podcast as usual. Podcasts have a dedicated Google search page for everyone. It works with any temporary podcast player.
  • Google Maps has extended its beta beta AR this week. It is now open to all people, with a device that supports either Google's ARCore or Apple's ARKit. The update will need to be released in the coming days and you can enable the feature in the settings. It's still a beta feature, however expect the occasional bugs or two.
  • Netflix was caught collecting data about some users. The app tracked activity data to see how often people got up and moved around while watching Netflix. Netflix released a statement saying it wants to improve the experience for people on the road. It stopped testing earlier this week and is no longer collecting data.
  • Disney is shooting the canon on Netflix this week with a new video streaming package announcement. The media giant sells ESPN +, Hulu, and Disney + for $ 12.99 a month for all three services. It is as you expected. You pay a single price for three services. One covers sports, the other only Disney content, and the third is whatever Hulu has these days. You can hit the link to learn everything you need to know about it.

Unbridled Soul

Price: $ 2.49

Unbroken Soul is a 2D, retro-style action platformer. Players jump around on platforms, outside walls, and around obstacles and bad guys to reach the end of levels. There are also some shooters and hack-and-slash mechanics to deal with the bad guys. The game features nine leader fights, a decent number of levels, various character capabilities and upgrades, and different virtual controller layouts. It runs for a very reasonable $ 2.49 with no in-app purchases or ads.


Price: Free

Yes, the official maker of Post-it notes now has an official program and it is a notes program. It's not half bad either. You basically create notes just like you do in almost every other app. That part is not so unique. However, you can move notes around the UI in a variety of ways by organizing them with nice little Post-it note style icons. It works with written or typed words. You can even export notes as PDF files, in an Excel spreadsheet, or as an image. It probably won't use apps like Google Keep as kings of the castle, but it's a unique experience.

Top Speed ​​2

Price: Free to play

Top Speed ​​2 is a new drag racing game. It has many of the same features as other runners in the category. There are over 70 cars to collect and customize, a bunch of tracks to play, story mode, online multiplayer and plugins as main organizers. The first game was quite popular and this one is already making its way there. However, there are some complaints from players, such as a lack of visible enhancement of graphics from the first game and some other style issues. It's not a bad thing about a title game, though.

Link to Steam

Price: Free

Steam Link is not a new app, but it has officially dropped beta this past week. The massive update included support for over 200 new Android devices along with some other enhancements. For those who do not know, Steam Link allows you to play your computer games with your mobile phone. Your computer still plays the game, but streams the game to the phone where you can play it there. You simply plug in a Bluetooth controller and you are on your way. The app is completely free and should work with most Steam accounts.

Link to Steam - best new android apps

CAMERAS: The Toy Maker's Toy

Price: $ 4.99

SALES: Toymaker's Mansion is a sliding puzzle game with some platforming elements. Players play as Anne, a girl trapped in a mansion of mystical things. Your goal is to get her out of there. The game has 144 levels divided into four themes, various special abilities and all kinds of puzzles. The story also has two endings. It costs $ 4.99 and is not suitable for a game with more than 100 levels in it. There are no additional ads or in-app purchases.

If we missed any new Android games or news, updates or releases, tell us about them in the comments! We are also accepting registrations for the upcoming Android Apps Weekly!

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