Sunday , May 28 2023

Celcom now offers unlimited Home fiber bandwidth nationwide, priced at RM80 / month


Celcom has just announced its own broadband offer, which is now available in Malaysia. Initially offered only in Sabah, the telco has expanded its fiber broadband reach nationwide and plans start from as low as RM80 / month with unlimited quota.

According to Celcom, their "Celcom Home" offering is now deployed nationwide with the aim of delivering high speed internet connectivity via fiber or wireless technologies. This will enable digital lifestyles of both urban and rural communities, in line with the government's National Fiberation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP), which aims to achieve 98% broadband coverage in populated areas by 2023 with a minimum speed of 30Mbps.

Celcom Home Fiber

For Celcom Home Fiber, they currently offer two broadband options. The basic Home Fiber Gold plan at RM80 / month provides 30Mbps for both downloads and uploads with unlimited quota. The plan is linked with a 24-month contract and Celcom also connects with a free WiFi router.

If you require faster speeds, the Home Fiber Gold Top is priced at RM129 / month and comes with 100Mbps for download and 50Mbps for uploads. As a promotion, the 100Mbps plan now goes for RM120 / month. You can make voice calls with both plans and Celcom charges 10 sen per minute, which is valid for all networks.

Both plans are quite competitive in price and are slightly more affordable than Maxis's Home Fiber plans. For comparison, the Maxis 30Mbps plan goes for RM89 / month while the 120Mbps plan is priced at RM129 / month.

According to the FAQ, you can check if your area is covered by calling their customer service at 1-300-11-3282 or visit your nearest Celcom Bluecube and authorized partners. It is also mentioned that if you stay at a high premise, you may be limited to 30Mbps if the building uses VDSL infrastructure. From the looks of it, it seems that Celcom is using TM's HSBB network for nationwide availability.

Celcom Home Wireless

For those living in areas without fiber coverage, the Celcom Home-to-Home offering is running on 4G LTE. The home wireless plans are the same as before and the base price is RM70 / month with 25GB of data plus 40GB for video game and Music Walla streaming.

There is also a RM100 / month plan that comes with 50GB data and 100GB for video and music Walla streaming and a higher RM150 / month option that offers 150GB of data and 1TB quota of video and Music Walla streaming. Similar to Home Fiber plans, it is also bundled with a 24-month shelf life and comes with a free wireless router.

According to Celcom, they have more than 9,000 LTE cell towers that provide 94% network coverage across Malaysia. The telco also prides itself on delivering the best online experience to homes as the wireless network uses 4T4R MIMO, Carrier Aggregation and 256 QAM.

You can learn more about Celcom Home broadband at their website.

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