Friday , June 9 2023

Graeme Souness sends Marcus Rashford a warning to Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been warned that Marcus Rashford is too young to bear the burden of being Manchester United's main man.

Graeme Souness says Rashford is not the finished article, and should play on the wing rather than have the responsibility to be the center-forward of the United States.

Rashford has become Solskjaer's hitter since the Norwegian took over the United States last season, and will be expected to lead the line against Chelsea at Old Trafford on Sunday.

But former Liverpool midfielder Souness has pointed to the 21-year-old’s goals from last season as proof that he is not yet ready for the role.

The pundit highlighted Rashford's "huge potential", and said in a timely manner he could be to United what Sergio Aguero is to Manchester City.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been warned against placing too much load on Marcus Rashford's shoulders

However, Souness has dismissed senior players like Paul Pogba and the now departed Romelu Lukaku for what he sees as their failure to take responsibility for the unpleasant sixth-placed Premier League final last season.

"Instead of them taking over as senior players, that burden instead falls on Marcus Rashford at 21, and I'm not convinced he's ready for it yet," Souness told The Times.

"Of course, the time is still up, but I'm looking for more consistency and 20-plus goals from him, instead of the 10 he scored in 33 league games last season.

"That tells me that someone of their age should not have that responsibility at a club of the size of the United – to be a leading man, achieve the goals and make a difference.

Graeme Souness said Rashford would "still be a bit of a part player" under Sir Alex Ferguson

"It's not ideal and it wouldn't happen under Fergie.

"Rashford would still be a bit of a player at his age because of the quality ahead of him in the squad, but last year he had to be a top man.

"I'd rather see him play wide for a while before he becomes the center-forward of the United States. It's easier to see the game from there and make your moves.

"Across the middle front is the hardest place to play. He doesn't have the pen boxes yet, Sergio Aguero, but can learn that.

United are doing better without Lukaku, says Souness

"It's the same with the end of Rashford – sometimes he takes your breath away; sometimes he freezes when he's faced by a goalkeeper.

"Once again, he will become a more consistent and confident finisher given time to develop just because he has huge potential."

Lukaku left United to join Inter Milan last week, while Pogba seemed cornered for a move to Real Madrid over the summer.

Pogba and Lukaku are part of the reason United is not in the Champions League & # 39;

Souness blasted them both, saying: "If I'm sitting in America's dressing room, I'm glad Lukaku has gone and doesn't want Pogba there with me if he's not involved in the fight ahead and is also keen to leave.

"They are as responsible as some of the situation embedded, yet effectively told their teammates: & # 39; It is everyone's fault. & # 39;

"No, give it a go, guys, you're part of the reason the United States isn't in the Champions League this year."

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