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Hookah more toxic than other forms of smoking tobacco: A study


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As the popularity of hookah (tobacco pipe) has increased in recent years, researchers say it may be more dangerous than other forms of tobacco smoking.

Using a tailor-made test device, the researchers analyzed emissions during a typical hook-up session and found that one extraction from a tube contained as many harmful substances as a cigarette.

Hookah mainstream smoke, which is directly inhaled, contains many toxic and harmful chemicals, such as nicotine, which can lead to addiction, irritating carbonyl compounds, and gasoline, a known carcinogen, "said study author Veronique Perraud of the University of California.

"Due to the larger volume inhaled in each butt and the longer duration of a smoking session, the hook often delivers a higher dose of these chemicals to the smoker," Perraud said.

It also produced a large amount of carbon monoxide, mainly from burning coal to heat the tobacco or herbal mixtures in its bowl. The study, published in the journal Aerosol Science and Technology, also reported several cases of carboxylic monoxide.

In addition to testing ordinary tobacco, the group also studied nicotine without a herbal blend, marketed as a healthier alternative, and discovered that it produces even higher levels of toxic gases.

The researchers measured the chemical makeup of gases and solids emitted during a hook-up session in real time. "Through our emission testing technique at the beginning, middle and end of a smoking session, we were able to show that a smoker was exposed to a higher amount of ultra-fine particles for the first 10 minutes compared to the rest of the session. , "she said.

According to the study, these tiny particles can pose serious health risks by going into the deep lung and going through the blood brain.

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