Friday , June 9 2023

Huawei will build a $ 800 million factory in Brazil for 5G launch


TAPACHULA, Mexico – Huawei Technologies, China's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, will invest $ 800 million to build a factory in Brazil by 2022, as the South American country plans to launch its wireless wireless network.

The plant will be located in the southeastern state of São Paulo, said Governor Joao Doria on a visit to Shanghai, where he met with senior Huawei executives.

The factory is expected to make base stations, a core piece of wireless communications. Huawei is one of the largest providers of base stations near the world of Sweden Ericsson and Finland.

While the United States has urged nations to block China's 5G network security projects, Brazil's government has indicated it will not follow the Washington line.

"There is no veto of Huawei in Brazil," Vice President Hamilton Mourao said in June.

President Jair Bolsonaro's administration seems more concerned about creating jobs than allegations that Huawei risks spying on China, Brazil's top partner.

Brazil will hold an auction next year for a 5G spectrum. A senior Nokia executive told Reuters that the sale may be the largest in the world yet.

Speaking in Shanghai, Doria said Huawei will also set up a research facility in Brazil. The governor called 5G a "revolution" with applications in health care, education and public safety.

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