Sunday , May 28 2023

Leonardo travels to China to introduce himself to Neymar's future, hoping to spark a Barcelona movement


Aside from Paul Pogba, Neymar's possible departure from Paris Saint Germain this summer will be the most significant relocation around, should the deals come to fruition.

The Brazilian apparently wants to leave Paris and return to Barcelona, ​​but the Ligue 1 champions don't want the experiment with him to end yet.

Sports coverage continues today, and it looks like PSG director Leonardo will be traveling to China in the coming hours to try to get everything out of the way.

They report that he plans to have several meetings, but Neymar is at the top of the list of people he wants to talk to. He intends to try and convince the player to stay at PSG for another year and take out Barcelona.

If he cannot do so, he will meet with PSG leaders and decide on what to do, as his departure will mean the start of a new "sports project".

Leonardo was clear from the start that he wanted to keep Neymar at PSG and even phoned him after he returned to the club to find out what the situation was. Neymar told him he wanted to leave, and Leonardo responded by fining him for turning to training late.

Neymar met with the club to discuss this, and they told him he would not be sold. The Brazilian is still pushing for movement, yet Leonardo is planning one last meeting to try to stop it.

Behind the scenes, he told the club that they should look for the best deal possible. Barcelona is looking to take advantage of that and believes that Leonardo is the kind of person they can negotiate with.

He is a former player and knows how bad it can be for someone who does not want to be there, so look for a deal that benefits PSG as much as possible.

It seems that everything has an effect on the meeting in China. If Leonardo goes his way, there will be no move. If he fails, then Neymar to Barcelona is likely to reach a significant pace as the window approaches a conclusion.

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