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Man Utd should sign Matthijs De Ligt for £ 85 million and not Harry Maguire … who may be slow and prone to mistakes – The Sun


There's a lot for Harry Maguire to decapitate now.

Last summer, he was the guilty hero of England's World Cup campaign.

    Harry Maguire may not hide his joy at joining Man Utd - but he may not be their best long-term option


Harry Maguire may not hide his joy at joining Man Utd – but he may not be their best long-term option
    Ligth's Matthijs went from Ajax to Juventus but had to be the man most wanted for his defense


Ligth's Matthijs went from Ajax to Juventus but had to be the man most wanted for his defenseCredit: Getty Images – Getty

This summer, the most expensive English footballer of all time, the most expensive defender on the planet – and the new corner of Manchester United's back line.

Few would argue that it couldn't have happened to a better blog.

Maguire has always had a defeat – one of those rare modern players who seems to have a true connection with supporters.

The name, the building, the stiff features that only a mother could love, that big bonanza that made its way to England before the quarter-finals of the World Cup and forms the punchline to its own anthem, & # 39; ****** massive & # 39 ;!

Maguire looks like a Sepia-tinted Busby Babe. If he had taken the tram to Old Trafford on match days, after stealing a log on the platform, you wouldn't be too surprised.

But for £ 85million, United should have landed the best young defender in the world in Matthijs de Ligt, instead of a 26-year-old, who is struggling for pace and a trend for blunders.

Missing SPEED

An obvious example of the reduced status of the United Nations was that they could not land the 19-year-old Dutch golden man, who changed from Ajax to Juventus for £ 17.5 million less than Maguire.

Juve's brilliant Argentine forward Paulo Dybala did not want to play for United either, stopping a possible exchange with Romelu Lukaku.

The Old Trafford club has been away from the real European elite for six years – so there will be young world footballers who hardly remember the union of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Pep Guardiola was very upset after Sunday's Community Shield when he claimed that Maguire's signing had become a United candidate, though he insisted that Manchester City could not afford the Englishman.

We know from last season's fly-on-the-wall Amazon documentary that Guardiola thinks Maguire's absence is very weak.

Guardiola told Kevin De Bruyne: "The guy (Maguire) is not in a hurry. You will find space here."

United will not contend with City and Liverpool this season, despite more seductive spending for Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Dan James and possibly Mario Mandzukic.

This was a beautiful stab at Guardiola's memory games.

Manchester United officially welcomes Harry Maguire to the club
    World Cup hero Harry Maguire has become the most expensive defender in the world, but rival boss Pep Guardiola has identified his lack of pace


World Cup hero Harry Maguire has become the most expensive defender in the world, but rival boss Pep Guardiola has identified his lack of pace

The city gets multiple loads of grief over its own expense, why not pay attention to the United are the real over-spenders – with City also happily inflating the price of Maguire and the disastrous £ 52 million Fred, as well as Alexis Sanchez's salary.

Is Maguire a major update on Phil Jones, who once brought comparisons with Duncan Edwards, but never kicked?

Maguire is so much more than just a big hulking center half.

He is good on the ball and loves a rushing all-around run.

But he certainly doesn't enjoy the sense of incomprehensibility possessed by Virgil van Dijk, the man he reviews as the world's most beloved defender.

Maguire has a mistake in him and when you are a £ 85 million US player, those mistakes will be full of lights.

It is nonsense to pretend an extensive transfer fee does not invite pressure.

ENGLAND £ 215 million back FOUR

And the vast majority of America's leading Ferguson signatures bombed – from Angel Di Maria to Memphis Depay, to Henrikh Mkhitaryan to poor Fred – with Lukaku and Paul Pogba barely setting the spot.

Mandzukic would bring the post-Ferguson spending of the United States at a discount of £ 1 billion, in a six-year period during which they fell from champions of England to also-rans and Europa League customs.

Certainly, there is an award for English players, which means Maguire is far from the only man charged with a daft fee.

England boss Gareth Southgate can now field a back four, which cost £ 215 million – Kyle Walker, John Stones, Maguire and Luke Shaw.

However, Maguire will be on the look out, playing in a hot squad pit, for a manager who feels short-term – in a club with high expectations but a board obsessed with commercialism.

He will now need broad shoulders to support his big old sheath.


ALWAYS due to a major VAR skeptic like myself, a trip to the Premier League umpires' bunker has given some reassurance about the introduction of the dreaded system this season.

The "light touch" approach favored by umpire Mike Riley and VAR governor Neil Swarbrick should make technology less intrusive in the Premier League than anywhere else in world football.

For example, delays in playing should be limited by the "saving" use of the arbitrary review area (where the refs can watch replacements on a small pitch image).

And Prime Minister guidelines also set a limit of three real-time VAR repos and limited use of slow motion – with Swarbrick acknowledging the truth that slo-mo often hits reality.

I do predict overall osaosis, though.

Oh, and one fun revelation from my visit to the West London suburbs – the room where the VAR-ing takes place, is adorned with huge action shots by the referees themselves.


MAURICIO POCHETTINO has done outstanding work for the past five years at Tottenham.

But the more he talks about his dissatisfaction, the less likely he is to move to a bigger club.

Because, for all his strengths, the revealing truth is that the Argentine is a high-stakes boss who has never won a trophy.


DUE to how invincible Steve Smith often seemed while scoring 286 runs during the First Ash Test, he was actually out for 31 in the first inning – a foot in front of Stuart Broad, without offering a stroke.

Only the DRS suggested that the ball would be missed by a small fraction – though every referee in the world knew Smith was morally let out.

Ball tracking for lbws is computer guessing, rather than blog guessing.

And the villain understands the game's ethos much better than the computer.


Many of us believe the best thing on Twitter is the Silence of Pets Minute, found @MascotSilence.

This is a sequence of photos of football teams observing solemn pre-match memories as pets tilt their flowing comedy heads next to them.

These locks tend to be most comical when our comics have huge smiles on their faces.

So we look forward to seeing the new Wigan Athletic man "Crusty the Pie" paying their respects long ago.
It is what the deceased would want.

Man Utd got to meet Alexis Sanchez with new girlfriend while Solskjaer plans a week of double training sessions

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