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Michael Jackson documentary on child sexual abuse opportunities Sundance The news

It is not uncommon for hearings at the Sundance Film Festival to give standing ovations, but the ceremony has taken solemn air as two men accused Michael Jackson that they bother them when boys marched on the room after the only care of "Let's Never Go "from the festival. a documentary about their stories.

Wade Robson, who says that Jackson has abused him from age 7 to 14, and James Safechuck has advanced as adults with their abuses about Jackson's death in 2009.

The four-hour film, which in two parts in the UK Channel 4 and HBO this spring, is a serious account of how their lives have intersected with Jackson's highest fame in the 80's and early 90s, and then later as adults when the trauma of what was supposed to have happened in their youth began to emerge seriously.

Besides Robson and Safechuck's own stories, the film also interviews family members including the mothers, the wives of the children and the Robson's brother and sister.

The voice of Jackson is heard in the movie, with emails he has left for Robson and "interview" Safechuck has taken with Jackson on his private plane, and the film also shows some of the many things he sent to Robson.

"We can not change what has happened to us. And we can not do anything about Miguel," Robson said in Q & A with the audience. But he said he hoped that other survivors feel less isolated and raise awareness for anyone responsible for children.

Safechuck added that they did not pay to participate in the documentary, and they did not expect to receive anything from it.

& Tabloid character murder & # 39;

Jackson's property has strongly denounced the movie on Friday night, calling it "the kind of tabloid character kill, Michael Jackson lasted in life, and now in death".

It accused Robson and Safechuck to be "two perjurists", a reference to oath statements that they had given while Jackson lived saying he did not disturb them.

Robson, a choreographer, who worked with Britney Spears and other major acts, testified Jackson's defense at the 2005 trial that ended with the release of the popular star on unloadings.

"The film takes defamatory accusations that supposedly took place 20 years ago and dealt with them as a fact," said the statement.

It accused the filmmakers to be very confident of the two men's stories and ignoring the accounts of others who said that Jackson had never damaged children.

Supporters from the late artist have issued pamphlets outside the "Leaving Neverland" premiere during the Sundance Film Festival [Danny Moloshok/AP]

"Leaving Neverland" was reported by Jackson's property and fans since the project was announced earlier this month.

Jackson was accused of accusations in 2005 in case with another young person. Robson testified in this attempt, saying he had been sleeping in Jackson's room many times, but Jackson never disturbed him.

Safechuck made similar statements to researchers as a boy. Then in 2013, Robson presented a petition that stressed stress and trauma forced him to face the truth that he was sexually abused by Jackson.

Safechuck presented a similar request the following year. Both were dismissed due to technical reasons and a judge did not assess the values ​​of the allegations.

Dan Reed Director "Leaving Never" said he was entering a new territory exploring an online figure, instead of his usual issues such as terrorism and crime.

He told the men who talked to so many lawyers during the years, just talking to him how he was an ordinary person on the street and not worrying about contradictions.

He interviewed Robson for three days and Safechuck for two days before deciding that he also wanted to talk to his mothers.

"I was just blown away," said Reed. "I knew we had something really great."

Safechuck and Robson say that being together through the process was incredible.

"Everything we wanted in the past six years is able to talk, communicate," said Robson. It was just beautiful. "

Safechuck added: "It was a long time coming, just connecting to someone who was through this. It's wonderful."

Discredited accusations

The film moved controversy since it was announced a few weeks ago. On its announcement, Jackson property condemned it for rehashing "vague accusations".

Prior to the care, there were reports that there would be massive evidence out and Park City deployed an extra police outside the Egyptian theater, which is in the middle of the festival's most commercial street. But only a handful of people appeared on Friday, holding posts with the word "innocent" shown over Jackson's mouth.

Audiencia member raised the reality that there are many Jackson fans who do not believe them, and asked if they have a message for them.

"I do not feel there's something I need to say to them, except I understand that it is really difficult to believe," said Robson.

"For somehow, not so long, I was in the same position they were. Although it happened to me, I could not believe yet. I still could not believe that what Michael did to me was bad We can only accept and understand something when we are ready. "

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