Monday , June 5 2023

Money will come when we are stronger and closer to GE15


Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, president of Umno, today tried to ease concerns about the
lack of party funding, with its bank accounts frozen in relation to the
1MDB scandal.

Zahid assured that money will come closer to the next general election.

"Everything needs money, but money is everything," he said when
officially holding an Umno Zone 4 general meeting in Keningau today.

"When the election arrives, I am confident that people are out there
sympathize with the Umno situation. "

Umno Zone 4 contains the Keningau, Tenom, Ranau and Pension sections.
Zahid's speech was posted on Facebook.

President Umno had earlier announced that the party was acting
could be crowdfunded.

At AGM, he said people are reluctant to give Umno money at

"Now they don't want to help us because they care and

"But God is pleased when they see us brought back and can fight back
Putrajaya and Sabah, they will help us, ”he added.

Zahid also urged leaders not to put their opponents aside, but to use

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