Monday , June 5 2023

"Mutant Year Zero" and "Zombie Driver" Are Smart and Dumb Doomsdays on Nintendo Switch


Not long ago I was thinking of the end of the world. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to why. So while video games exploring post-apocalypse are nothing new (the games I'm writing here aren't even new, just ports) having two survival games in the timeless drop on Nintendo Switch at the same time felt a bit like luck. But while they have some aesthetic similarities, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition are ultimately very different games. One is quite clever and the other is super dubious.

This is not some kind of puzzle. A zombie driver is the dumb one. So let's talk about that first, although there's really not much to talk about beyond the title. In A zombie driver you control a car cruising through a zombie nightmare. The top-down arc perspective makes it sort of Grand Theft Auto 2 get together Dead Rise. And heating your vehicles with external upgrades and weapons you'll find in-game has approx Twisted Metal car quality battle too.

I do not mean that "dumb" is a complete insult. There are inexpensive actions that can kill through the non-angels with four wheels. And the action performs pretty well with a lot of zombie bodies, flames, bullets, blood, rain and explosions on screen. But there is very little staying power. I got my fill after a few rounds of wave-based survival and violent race modes. As soon as the story asked me to pump endless bullets into a stationary course with reload health, I took off. In the end, I think I remember this and also the one that has been unexplained so far Zombieland sequel.

For something much more likely to engulf your brain Dumb Annual Zero. It's funny that this appeared on Switch so soon after Samidean strategies Fire Emblem: Three Houses. But while this game is primarily about the enigma and grand strategy of leading outstanding young anime, Dumb Annual Zero there are bitter desperate tactics where you play like a literal pig.

Based on the tablet game, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden do you control radio-resistant stalkers wandering through the remnants of the world. Sometimes they pick up an iPod or something, and wonder why anyone would want to light a box with fruit on it. Good voice acting helps build a strong world. And while the working-class animal heroes initially worried me, I entertained them Star Fox any way.

Battles in Dumb Annual Zero yet it is not a laughing matter. While they are similar to something like "Elves get together XCOM", Your three-person squad is ultimately much weaker compared to the vast majority of enemies you'll encounter. Reloading a gun that holds three bullets takes one of two actions per row. Moving especially far involves both. Even when you win strength leveling, finding new armor, upgrading weapons and gaining new skills with mutations, gross forcing your way through combat basically never works.

Instead, you'll have to wrap your head around the intriguing fusion of real-time exploration and turn-based battles. Out of battle, you walk around the world as usual, seeing the sights (even if the blur of Unreal Engine 4 games in Switch hits again). While you see enemies, crawl around them and switch off your lantern to avoid attracting their attention. Divide your party to get better. And an ambush is about the right time.

Theoretically I like this way of thinking you can prepare. When all comes together, you can pull out a whole horde of enemies one after the other with silent weapons before they even notice. But in practice, the game is so difficult that this frenzy feels in demand and not an extra layer of creative combat skill, and I did resent it until the end.

However, nothing is the same Dumb Annual Zero. And even if you've already played the game on other platforms, there's a new expansion, Seed of Evil, out with this Switch release. For more on Nintendo Switch (that doesn't have to do with the end of the world) check out these games to play now and get ready for the Nintendo Switch coming later in September.

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