Friday , June 9 2023

New Chevrolet Corvette Almost Hit The Internet


A portion of that number is due to the launcher of the tuner that no one expected online at launch. GM prepared itself in case, however, things got old.

"Most people got the fill [configurator] an experience that is the full 3D experience, "Majoros told CNET Roadshow," We have a way for the system to accelerate what we call a 2D experience. [to speed load time]. Once we reached thresholds, we worked with Amazon Web Services very quickly to double our server capacity. "

At the end of July, about 1.3 million people tested the C8 Corvette's tuner to build 940.00 cars more than 152,000 hours before the beginning of August. And, as CNET Roadshow points out, those are huge numbers considering the C7 Corvette alone sold 18,791 units in 2018.

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