Monday , June 5 2023

Plaintiff Kang Sung Wook receives a 5-year prison sentence for sexual assault


Musical actor Kang Sung Wook received a 5-year prison sentence for sexual assault.

On July 30, reports revealed that Kang Sung Wook was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in August 2017 in Busan. According to reports, Kang Sung Wook, a male friend, and two women employed in a bar gathered for a meal at a restaurant. Kang Sung Wook and his friend invited the two women to their friend's home for an additional service charge. Although one woman left early, the other woman was prevented from leaving by Kang Sung Wook and his friend, who attacked her.

The victim filed a complaint against Kang Sung Wook, but he was reportedly named "gold digger," saying "Who would believe a woman like you?" The Seoul Central District Court found the plaintiff guilty, stating, "The victim's testimony is consistent, and she never tried to extort money from the defendant." Kang Sung Wook's side filed an appeal.

Kang Sung Wook is known for his roles in musicals as & # 39;Ghost of the Opera& # 39;, & # 39;The Pains of Young Werther& # 39;, & # 39;Newspapers& # 39 ;, and & # 39;Goddess Sight& # 39; He also received fame for appearing in the realistic series & # 39;Heart Signal& # 39; and the drama & # 39;Marry Me Now& # 39;

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