Monday , June 5 2023

Police arrest an authorized money-lender who allegedly misrepresents his clients


SHAH ALAM: A licensed money lender operating outside his permitted area has been arrested after allegedly buying from wrong borrowers.

Police arrested the money lender and two other men in Serdang on Monday (July 29).

While the lender has a license to operate in Klang, he was believed to have borrowed money outside his specified area.

Asst Comm Fazlisyam Abd Majid, Chief of Commercial Crimes Enforcement (CCID), said it was in breach of the conditions of a lender to operate outside the pre-determined area.

"It goes against the terms, which is why we consider it as not having a license (to operate). We believe he has worked in other areas besides Serdang as well.

"Based on reports provided, we have identified two cases.

"But I'm not saying the number could not increase as we continue our investigations," he told a press conference at the subcontinent police chief here on Wednesday (July 31).

ACP Fazlisyam added that a victim was reportedly punished and forced to pay interest of RM100 daily, after borrowing RM5,000.

"So you add the days in a month, that's already RM3,000 a month," he said.

The suspect, who has been working as a money lender for about 10 years, is also believed to have locked down the homes of erroneous payers.

He is also believed to have a police record.

In an unrelated case, the police arrested three locals and a Taiwanese man for allegedly being part of a scam syndicate.

It was known that the local suspects were responsible for finding mule bank accounts for the Taiwanese suspect for the union to use.

ACP Fazlisyam said the Taiwanese suspect comes regularly to Malaysia – about once a month.

"This year he has made seven trips this year. He was arrested on July 17 after questioning the three local suspects when we captured them the day before," he said.

It is believed that the mule accounts were obtained by paying owners around RM200 per account.

Also prominent during the press conference was the successful arrest of three Internet scammers on 25 July.

The chief scammer, aged 26, reportedly created fake ads online to sell a non-existent Toyota Vios.

"The car's depot was listed at RM9,000. But the car was never delivered to the victims," ​​he said.

So far, seven police cases have been linked to the suspect.

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