Sunday , May 28 2023

"Quantum Physics", a movie about famous drug scandals filmed at Club Burning Sun to air in September


Netizens and Koreans alike will be able to see the actual interior of the "Burning Sun" club.

Many Koreans have known about the club through the Burning Sun Gate. where before Big boom member Seungri has been involved in a series of drug use scandals, embezzlement, prostitution, police collusion, sexual assault, drug trafficking and more.

New movie & # 39;Quantum Physics& # 39; slated to be released in September has actually rented space at "Burning Sun" and filmed most scenes there. They were reportedly filming at the club until the end of 2018, when "Burning Sun" was still in business.

Coincidentally, the movie "Quantum Physics", which captures the interior of Burning Sun before its closure, tells the story of celebrity drug use and their related political ties. Many pay attention to whether the movie was based on "Burning Sun" performances as they rented the space to film many scenes there.

& # 39; Quantum Physics & # 39; released a trailer for the film on the 30th and many netizens were shocked at the nature of the storyline as well as the location used to film the scenes, reflecting that the film seemed to mimic accusations of Seungri's "Burning Sun" scandal.

In the trailer released, the main stage at Burning Sun as well as the infamous 100 million won "Mansour Set"is highlighted. Many netizens have noticed that the "Mansour set" is very well recognized as a signature for "Burning Sun", so filmmakers highlighting this particular offering during the trailer are very telling.

Seungri's Burning Sun VVIP menu, which shows 100 million Winning prices for "Mansour Set"
Scene of "Quantum Physics" Trailer featuring "Burning Sun" 100 million won "Mansour Set"

An officer of the film confirmed that they had actually filmed scenes for the movie at "Burning Sun", "At the end of 2018, we were looking for several famous club spaces to rent the movie. We ended up choosing" Burning Sun "but this was before the scandal broke. We did not know of any adverse events at the club at the time of filming until early in the year when the scandal broke. "

When asked if the movie was based on a "Burning Sun" scandal, the official said, "We can't really confirm which scene it is based on. But you can look at it in detail when it's released," raising curiosity.

& # 39; Quantum Physics & # 39; will be released in theaters in Korea in September and TVN's Park Hae-Soo and ONN's Seo Yeji are reportedly co-starring in the film.

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