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Really 64MP square camera layout handy


Earlier this week Realme unveiled its 64MP camera technology at a Camera Innovation Event in New Delhi, India. This multi-camera system uses a 64MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 unit as the primary sensor that connects with an ultramodic angle, over macro and portrait modules. We attended the event and got our hands on a prototype.

All units were covered by special cases to hide their design, so we received some limited information about the layout. We also couldn't transfer the samples, just checking them on the screen on the phone, so we couldn't do a thorough analysis of any kind.

Realme 64MP Quad Camera Sets Hands-On

Really 64MP fourth camera layout

The layout of a fourth camera was placed vertically in the upper-left corner of the prototype using the 64MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor above, followed by the ultrawide-angle camera the macro unit and the depth sensor.

Realme 64MP Quad Camera Sets Hands-On

Ultra Clear 64MP Main Camera

The 64MP unit has a 1 / 1.72 "type sensor and a pixel size of 0.8μm and works similar to its 48MP equivalent. It uses the Tetracell (Sony's version of Samsung's Quad-Bayer), which means, that it is effectively a 16MP sensor with large 1.6μm pixels and real-time HDR.

The sensor has a demosaic algorithm for full 64MP shots, but there is so much interpolation there that you get very limited extra details if any.

Realme 64MP Quad Camera Sets Hands-On

Really popped up an MTF chart and compared its 64MP phone with the 48MP Redmi K20 Pro, showing how its phone resolved more details than the Redmi flagship.

MTF Chart with Realme's 64MP camera on the left and Redmi K20 Pro on the right "width =" 315 "height =" 236 "src =" 64mp -quad-camera-hands-on / -315 / gsmarena_003.jpg
MTF Chart with Realme's 64MP camera on the left and Redmi K20 Pro on the right "width =" 315 "height =" 236 "src =" 64mp -quad-camera-hands-on / -315 / gsmarena_004.jpg

MTF Diagram with Realme's 64MP camera smartphone on the left and Redmi K20 Pro on the right

Ultra-wide angle camera

The ultra-wide angle module has f / 2.2 aperture, 119-degree FOV, and takes pictures in 8MP resolution. It also supports HDR. You can see the pictures below, showing the photos, to see how much better it fits in the frame, compared to the regular camera.

Ultra 64MP shot "width =" 315 "height =" 236 "src =" gsmarena_005.jpg
Wide angle shot "width =" 315 "height =" 238 "src =" .jpg

Ultra 64MP shot (left); Wide angle shot (right)

Super Macro Camera

The macro camera in this fourth camera layout has a f / 2.4 aperture size of 1.75μm pixels. It can go as close as 4cm. Really set up a miniature city consisting of tiny objects such as grass, trees, people and vehicles so we can control this super-macro lens.

The photos looked mostly good, but not all of us were impressed by the pictures of the artificial little grass. Well, it's worth noting that we're talking about a prototype here and the final product is likely to produce better results.

Ultra macro mode "width =" 315 "height =" 236 "src =" gsmarena_007 .jpg
Ultra macro mode "width =" 315 "height =" 242 "src =" / gsmarena_008.jpg

Ultra macro mode

Lens cover

The portrait lens supports five new portrait styles and eight refined facial beauty modes.

In the event, Realme said its fourth camera system will include a 2x telephoto lens as well, which is why we were able to see the portrait lens replaced with a telephoto one. However, a company executive told us that the "telephoto lens" will not support optical zoom.

It's a bit confusing the whole thing and we'll have to wait and see when an actual product arrives, but we would definitely prefer a telephoto lens over a deep sensor or macro camera.

The prototypes offered a 2x and 5x zoom, but without a phone lens this is done digitally and as you can expect the results are not good.

1x zoom "width =" 207 "height =" 155 "src =" .jpg
2x zoom "width =" 207 "height =" 156 "src =" .jpg
5x zoom "width =" 207 "height =" 155 "src =" .jpg

1x (left), 2x (center) and 5x (right) zoom

Camera app UI and other features

The UI of the camera app is similar to what we have seen on other Realme phones like the Realme X – it switches to Display, Photo and Portrait over the camera shutter button, with a burger menu icon on the left letting you access different modes. such as Ultra 64MP, Ultra Macro, Nightscape and Expert.

Camera app UI "width =" 315 "height =" 236 "src =" gsmarena_012.jpg
Camera app UI "width =" 315 "height =" 237 "src =" gsmarena_013.jpg

Camera app UI

The Expert mode allows you to tinker with various aspects of the camera such as exposure, manual focus and white balance, but there was no option to capture photos in RAW mode, which means that this 64MP camera smartphone will not allow you to take pictures in RAW- mode. or Realme is yet to develop the possibility.

So when does this 64MP quad camera smartphone come from?

Realme has said it will launch the 64MP mobile square footage camera in India ahead of the Diwali festival, which will start on 27 October. The company also announced that it would move all three of its product lines – the main Realme series, the Pro series, and the X series – to a fourth camera layout.

One of the slide shows at the event did not have 64MP recorded on the 5 and 5 Pro, giving a subtle hint that these smartphones will ship with a quarter camera setup without the 64MP sensor.

Realme 5 and 5 Pro won't come with a 64MP "src =" gsmarena_014 camera. jpgRealme 5 and 5 Pro won't come with a 64MP camera

This means that the 64MP smartphone is probably part of the X lineup. Really, an executive told us it might be called X2, but went on to say that the company had not decided on the name yet.

As for 5 and 5 Pro, we'll probably see this pair make official later this month.

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