Saturday , June 19 2021

Stars to collect in Taiwan for the Golden Horse Film Awards, Entertainment News & Stories

Taipei (AP) – Asia's Asian film stars are gathering in Taipei on Saturday (November 17) for the Taiwanese Golden Horse award, dubbed "Oskar" in Chinese, with the well-known director of Jong-yamu leading the race.

The Chinese Academy Award winner, Taiwan-American, Li Ang, Chinese singles star Gong Li and Hong Kong's heavenly king Andy Lau are among the celebrities for walking on the red carpet in Taipei for the brilliant ceremony.

Chinese director of martial arts epic, inspired by the painting of traditional ink brush, leads with 12 nominations including for the best coveted film, best director, best actress and best actress awards.

The expensive Taiwanese EX comedy about a widow fighting for her husband's inheritance against his gay lover, stalking closely with eight nods in the best movie and best game categories, plus the best new nods manager for the Taiwanese duo Mag Hsu and Hsu Chen Yen .

The top competitors are all from China. Young, Van Young (the Hidden Man) and Lu Ye (the shadow game) will face 29-year-old Son B (long day journey into the night) and Tibetan Pama Sidan (Jainpa).

Aang never won the Golden Horse's best director award, while former actor Jong Yang, who starred in Red's Red Ribbon, won the title with his debut in The Heat of the Sun in 1996 .

The best game awards are also dominated by Chinese talent, with Roy Chiu of Tiyo and Hsieh Ying-Xuan fighting for a home win for their respective roles as a gay lover and a widow at the prized EX.

China Deng Chan or, playing the double of a trained official to protect him in ancient China in shadow, he ran the front of the best player against his countrymen Xu Cheng (dying to survive), Duan Yihong (Looming storm) And Feng Yuchang (still sitting elephant).

Deng's wife, Chinese TV star Sun Lee, who is also playing his wife in the shadow, is competing for the best actress against Shouji Iwai Last Letter, Zhao Tao (Ash Is Purest White) and Zeng Meihuizi ( Three owners).

Three Chinese dramas – a long journey of day into the night, dying to survive and an elephant still sitting – they are also running on the best film.

The best documentary category sees "Our Youth in Taiwan" on the island's sunflower movement, which is against Umbrella pretensions: the first umbrella of Hong Kong's pro-democracy umbrellas. The two mass protests were led by young activists, and reflected increasing opposition to the influence of Beijing.

The 55th edition of the awards is scheduled to begin at 19:00 in Taipei's Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

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