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What we want to see from the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro


If all goes well within the set timeframe, OnePlus should announce its new mobile phone (s) sometime in October. So far we're not really sure if there will be two models again after the "Pro" debuted a few months ago. It is likely to be assumed, however, that this split will take at least another launch, which means we will get both OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro. To date, little is known about these upcoming devices, but that doesn't mean we can't create our own desire for what we'd like to see in them. Excluding the OnePlus 7, almost identical to its predecessor design. wise, OnePlus has always tried to offer something different between generations. This puts it at a raw point, as things get better and worse. But for the company concerned, we're here to set expectations, so let's get to them!

OnePlus 7T Pro wish list

Let's be honest, upgrading the OnePlus 7 Pro by a significant margin will be a very difficult task. The phone is widely regarded as one of the best Android phones today. Our expectations must therefore be set. However, it is enough for OnePlus to be able to squeeze out the new flagship technology from 2019.

Snapdragon 855+

If OnePlus wants to stay on top of the performance ladder, there is only one choice for the chip that will power OnePlus 7T Pro: Updated Snapdragon 855+. The newly released mobile platform gives marginal acceleration to the CPU, but important to the GPU performance, which we are sure of which OnePlus will not shy away from. That is the most we can hope for when it comes to performance gains within a year anyway, we usually see two consecutive OnePlus devices with the same chip. The updated GPU will go great with the next item on our list …

120Hz screen

With the 90Hz display of the 7T Pro, OnePlus has made a statement that it wants to offer superior viewing experience with its phones. Lately, though, Asus has gone a step further with its ROG Phone 2, which sports the most former OHz 120Hz display. So it only makes sense that OnePlus will respond with the same, or at least we hope. It will make the phone easier and output the best of its highest internal levels.

Wireless charging

We know, we know … OnePlus is known for adding wireless charging to its devices and there are legitimate reasons for that. However, now that the company has a "Pro" variant that challenges popular flagships not only in specifications but also in price, it may be time for wireless charging. Like it or not, at a certain level users expect certain features and if your device doesn't have them, it stands out badly. Even if you just tick that particular box, OnePlus has to bite the bullet and add wireless charging to the 7T Pro. Fans of the brand who don't need that feature can always go for the non-Pro version, so why not sweeten the deal for those who are willing to pay more?

Better camera performance

The camera on OnePlus phones is often the one thing people point out that needs to be better. It's not a bad thing at all, but if your goal is to beat the best dogs on the market, it must be great. The OnePlus 7 Pro already has a good lineup of sensors, but the software that manages them still needs improvement. We are confident that OnePlus is aware of this as well and we hope that the efforts made by the development of the camera algorithms will be fruitful immediately after this fall.

Better battery

No surprise here, who wouldn't like a phone that lasts a really long time with a single charge? Now, the OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a respectable 4,000mAh battery, so on the hardware side it is already pushing the limits of what you can fit into a phone. However, the phone comes with a fairly large screen and its successor is probably similar in size too. Combined with the higher refresh rate, this juice is just enough for a slightly average battery performance by today's standards. If OnePlus is not capable of larger battery life without adding volume, then the company should be able to optimize power consumption very well. An adaptive refresh rate would be a good start, after all you don't need 120Hz when looking at an image or reading a text.

Same price as the 7 Pro

Now we are really pushing the boundaries of realistic demands. OnePlus has been steadily raising the prices of its phones over the past few years and with the 7 Pro, it has made the biggest jump yet. This is why we want the company to focus on that price point for at least another generation. It may be incompatible with all the updates we also want to see, but hey, it's called a "wish list" because of this. Plus, value for money has always been OnePlus' main claim so why not take it to the next level with the 7T Pro? Fingers crossed!

OnePlus 7T Wish List

As OnePlus is now releasing two phones, it can afford to shave things up a bit and offer additional variety to cover different user needs. If the Pro version becomes a device more like the well-established flagships, then the regular 7T may possibly respond to a slightly different user group. This is what we have in mind …

Smaller size

The 7T Pro is likely to be a monster phone, so why isn't the regular 7T more compact? There aren't many Android flagships suitable for those who prefer smaller devices, and what if OnePlus slips into that niche with the 7T? No need to go as low as the 5.8-inch Galaxy S10e, 6- or 6.1-inch bezel-less display will be perfect. Compact flagship with OnePlus software and speed? Yes please!

Return of the headset

Not a very likely scenario, but one can always hope. Those fancy wireless headphones buy the Pro version and bring back the good, old analogue port to those of us who prefer to keep everything connected. It won't be the first time we've seen something similar, Google decided to add a 3.5mm jack on the Pixel 3A and Xiaomi did it with the Mi 9T. The move will certainly be welcomed by fans of OnePlus and others looking to buy a great 2019 phone with a headphone jack.

More storage options

Currently OnePlus phones come with two storage options: 128GB and 256GB. This is perfectly good for most people, but we would like to see some more flexibility. The devices are quite capable, so why not have a 512GB option as well. Sure, it will raise the price of the phone quite a bit, but at least those who need the extra storage will have an option that is not "choosing another brand."

More color options at launch

OnePlus has the habit of releasing a phone in a few colors and then adding more color options in a month or two. The new colors usually look better and look better and feel a punch in the face to those who bought their devices at launch or shortly thereafter. This is not a practice we like to continue. Instead, what we'd like OnePlus to do with the 7T is to have a wider range of colors from the boot, adding a few more vivid to the lineup, for example: pink, light blue, yellow. Combined with a smaller form factor, this can make the OnePlus 7T highly desirable from the younger demographic.

Better vibration motor

Hatchback reactions have always been a weakness of OnePlus phones. The issue was largely settled on the OnePlus 7 Pro, which got a new vibration motor, but the standard OnePlus 7 was compatible with that of previous models and its poor performance. In the 7T, we hope to see the better engine of the 7 Pro, if not an upgrade.

So what do you think of the two lists? What would you add / remove if you could customize your perfect OnePlus 7T? Let us know in the comments below!

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