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Yellow cab Getting 10 Tesla Model 3s In Columbus, Ohio


August 1, 2019 of Kyle Field

Tesla Model 3. Delivery Event Image Credit: Tesla

Yellow Cab's fleet estimate in Columbus, Ohio, is accelerating this week with the news that it is adding 10 Tesla Model 3s to its fleet. The move comes as part of the fleet's transition to cleaner alternatives and a desire to put the current generation of electric cars as taxis – "to show the feasibility of electricity and, perhaps, in the years to come, make it a carbon neutral network." and good quality, ”Columbus Yellow Cab owner and general manager Megan Kauffman said.

Yellow Cab's fleet in Columbus has about 170 vehicles, of which 20 are already electric. Electric vehicles are suitable for use in urban applications where the average number of miles traveled daily is relatively low, speeds are low, and slow times are high. Idling in an electric vehicle uses minimal electricity while eliminating emissions for drivers and those around the vehicle. Traveling around urban environments is more efficient in electric vehicles, thanks to their ability to regenerate power with each deceleration event.

The Tesla Model 3 removes the latest barriers to use as a full service taxi with its long range and affordable price. If anything, with a total cost of ownership that can best even a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, there is little reason to buy a burning vehicle to use as a taxi.

Okay, maybe there's one reason not to use a Model 3 as a taxi. I, for one, would be scared to have to explain to literally every single passenger how to get in the car, only to have to explain how to get out of the car 5 minutes later. It's the only constant in my many experiences, taking people young and old to drive in my Tesla. No, it's not rocket science, but it's not intuitive either.

In Columbus, the new Tesla Model 3s will roam the city streets looking for passengers in the next 2 weeks.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch via Reddit

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