Wednesday , June 16 2021

A third without an idea surrendered to Argentina without "stars"

Mexico City (APT). – Without their main characters, Argentina overcame the 2-0 unimportant and unimportant selection of Mexico, the first of two friendly games on Argentine soil.

The goals were scored by Rodrigo Poons Mori and Isaac Brizuela on the verge of their home, played at the stadium Mario Alberto Campes in Cordoba, for sad memories for the Mexican team because it was here 40 years ago The tricolor team suffered the worst of its humiliations in the World Cup: beaten 6-0 on By Germany in the World Championships in Argentina.

The Mexican presentation may not be in the worst form, since the first two clear chances of the goal, in the first two minutes of the first whistle – in one, Raoul Jiménez the ball transparently defended by Agustín Marchesín, and in Marco Fabian II was unable to take advantage of the goalkeeper.

And it was highlighted by the team of visitors, who still did not win the Argentinian team in Argentine territory.

On Tuesday, in Mendoza, Mexicans and Argentines will begin to face them, waiting for the improvement of the team headed by the Brazilian Ricardo, a private tutka, the faithful witness to the bad words of his students, with no clear ideas and no direction. , Without the courage to stand up to an opponent who, without offering his best repertoire, did the necessary to impose his conditions in the stadium with a capacity of 50,000 people, but this time he did not summon even half of the spectators.

Guillermo Ochoa began to emerge as the character of the game, until Rodrigo Poons Murray's headline, after revealing a foul outside the region, surprised the World Cup goalkeeper.

Then the game passed yawns and whistles of fans. But before that, Ocho contained half-turned shot by Paolo Dybala.

For the complement, however, Ricardo Ferretti ordered four moves, and Mexico was sometimes able to control the game, but without transcendence or elaborate offensive actions.

Isaac Breswella went in return for Captain Miguel to Leon in 1979, and 4 minutes later he nestled with his own goal in the center by right of Saravia.

Meanwhile, Argentina increased the count in 18 games played against the Mexicans, with a balance of six victories for albiceleste, nine paintings and three trips.

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