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Event Garden gives its version of fraud & # 39; at the wedding of Dulce María

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Dulce María will not invite this RBD to her wedding

A few days after arriving at the altar with producer Francisco Álvarez, Dulce María denounced the program The Saga, led by journalist Adela Micha, who had been a victim of fraud.

During the lecture, the interpreter said that she had a bad experience, because apart from the place had no consecration, they kept the money they gave as a down payment.

"We had a remote location in Tepoztlan, Rincón Meztitla, and they told us the place we have to give 100% of the prepayment, when it doesn't have to be that way, 20, 30 or 50 percent are given at most. And we had a bad one experience, they saved our money because we couldn't get it there, because it turns out they don't have the consecrated place to get married, they don't have the paper that acknowledges them. So now we have a place or date, "he said Sweet Mary.

Sweet Mary

© Instagram / Dulce María and Francisco Álvarez
Sweet Mary

In view of these statements, Denise Romero, director of Rincón Meztitla Garden, shared exclusively for Who a letter in which he tells his version of how the events happened. as well as documents that support his explanation.

According to the distrust of the "Rincon Meztitla Garden", negotiations began on March 6 of this year directly with the couple's wedding planner:

“From the outset, his wedding planner told us he had an exclusive magazine and asked us to rent the space for free or at a discount on an advertisement. Eventually we agreed to a discount and we received them with open arms, Romero said in an interview with Who.

"After that, they canceled us. They asked us for a written document, authorization from the church and we got the document, we gave them to them and they still canceled us under that pretext," Romero said.

In the interview, Dulce María said she had resigned because she had no Catholic church, yet Rincon Meztitla officials obtained permission from the bishop of Cuernavaca, a document shared with Who.

Later, on March 11, the coordinator confirmed the date for the event, which will be held on October 19 of this year, in the same document, it is stated that they requested a 20% subscription fee, however the wedding planner did. He ignored. Later days there were requests from other customers for the required date, which is why the garden announced to the organizer that they were proposing to pay 100% of the rent of the place so that the discount and date could be respected.

Jardín "Rincón Meztitla" explained that it does not have to pay the full rent, as mentioned by the singer during her participation in The Saga.

According to the contract signed by both parties, in case of canceling the event, only 10% could be returned for punishment, however, the director of the site says she felt intimidated by the profile of public figures of the couple.

"I spoke directly with Peace and he said," I have no problem with you, but if you don't give us back the money, there will be problems. Yes, he credited me and I offered to return 30% of the deposit and leaving the party alone I told them 50 percent would be back.

"He told me that not that they accepted the 30 percent he told them, and that they are doing the civil (wedding) and that they keep the date. They were sent the new contract in which due to the proximity to the wedding date, in case of cancellation, no refund would apply. Days later, the wedding planner sent me a message to cancel again and it was there that everything exploded, "he concluded.

The wedding was scheduled for October 19th; Now the performer and her partner are looking for a new place to celebrate their wedding so they don't have to postpone the ceremony: "We are looking for places and we hope to give a big surprise soon, but we will get married," said Dulce María in an interview with Adela Micha.

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