Friday , November 27 2020

Government allows the sale of electricity between individuals – Finances – Notes

Mexico – Committee on Energy Regulatory (CRE) issued an agreement allowing the Sale of electricityAmong individuals, which will encourage the deployment of stations for recharging Electric vehicles

The regulatory body said in a statement that the construction Power stations This will benefit users of this type of vehicle, since they will have the option of accessing more charging points.

At the same time, he said, the increase in the production of electric cars by the Mexican automobile industry will promote, resulting in larger jobs, economic growth, innovation in this sector and improving the environment.

And, he explained, before the approval of this regulation, investors who wish to install Power stations In the country they did not have rules to provide electricity to users of hybrid electric vehicles, limiting their development.

"Over the past three years, about 2,000 charging centers have been installed for hybrid electric vehicles, and in accordance with this agreement, the number of installed electric stations in the country is expected to be greater than in the previous years," he said.

CRE stated that electricity sector entrepreneurs will also be benefited, since they will be able to develop charging stations using solar and wind resources, reducing carbon footprint in terms of energy production.

Also, start-ups are technologists or researchers seeking to develop more efficient and intelligent means of charging electric vehicles, such as wireless electric charging or stations with technology for rapid loading of cars.

In addition to the power stations, the agreement offers alternatives to real estate investments (FIBRAs), developers or developers of the real estate industry, who rent or manage common workspaces, offices, buildings in commercial centers or in residential departments.

"Another interesting component of this regulation is that FIBRAs can turn to qualified supplies, by adding the clutter of their tenants, thereby offering energy at more competitive prices."

The Committee stressed that this regulation states that any person who does not want to buy electricity from the tenant of real estate has the right to contract the electricity and supply the most appropriate service to them.

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