Thursday , June 17 2021

Keys to train in Michoacán brake more than 1 million tonnes of goods

The blockings of teachers to railways in Michoacán they stopped a kind one million 750 thousand tons, which adds losses for more than 10 billion pesos for the industry, said the president of Transportation Commission of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Confusion) Felipe of Javier Rock Properties.

The damage is recorded after 250 hours of blockade to the railways that go to the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas and from Manzanillo, estimating that there are 8,600 containers that can not be taken out of these two ports.

He said we know about two hydrocarbon trains, one of them 96 tanks car charged, which will be sent to Tula for the operation of the refinery.

In addition there are containers loaded with minerals, steel, cars, grains, such as wheat or corn; vegetable fat, beer, among others inputs and finished goods that can not go out.

In total, the effects exceed one million dollars of tons of products and supplies stopped in the ports because trains can not leave.

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